Star Wars Battlefront Will Become a new Addition to the EA Access Vault Family

The EA Access Vault will be getting a new addition as Star Wars: Battlefront will be added on December 13th. Players have known for a while that the game will be added, so it didn’t come as a shock when the publisher made the announcement.


The Vault is a benefit of EA Access, which in turn applies to PC and Xbox One subscribers who pay either a monthly or yearly subscription fee of 5$ or 30$ respectively. EA Access allows players to experience early access to some games, demos, betas, and trials. The players also get to search and play games within the Vault (to which Battlefront will now be added).

If you are trying to determine if EA Access is worth more than buying the game up front, then you should be informed on the waiting period. If the game is a massive hit for EA, then it may take up to a year to be added to the Vault, however if the game did not perform as expected then it may only take five months. It all depends on the game.