Overwatch: 10 Tips to Get Started | Soldier 76 Hero Guide


Lock and load with Soldier 76 and get our top ten tips for survival in Overwatch while playing as this running-and-gunning hero. The character isn’t just one of the most popular, he’s also a strong contender for best beginner’s choice.

Using his sprint ability, Soldier 76 can push into the fray faster than (almost) anyone else, his rockets can scare off annoying snipers or destroy stationary turrets, and his basic Heavy Pulse Rifle can destroy fast-movers like Tracer or Pharah — as long as Soldier 76 doesn’t get too close.

Learn all about Soldier 76 and why he’s so great with these ten quick tips to get you started.

10 Tips to Get Started | Soldier 76 Hero Guide

Soldier 76 is your standard offensive soldier, and a great choice for anyone just getting started in Overwatch.

  1. Just Keep Shooting – The Pulse Rifle is a great weapon for medium-range combat. Perfect for ticking health off Bastion from afar or picking off Pharah when she glides out of cover.
  2. Tight Bursts – Fire in short bursts of 3-4 rounds at a time. Accurately pegging your target at range is far more effective than missing a quarter of the time. If you’re dealing with large guys like D.va, Roadhog, or Reinhardt, then feel free to go full-auto.
  3. Don’t Get Too Close – Soldier 76 has no tools for dealing with close-quarters opponents like Reaper, McCree, Winston or Mei.
  4. Take Cover! – Soldier 76 only has 200 HP. For someone with limited flanking ability, that’s pretty low. Stay away from explosions and use cover often to stay out of direct line-of-sight with bruisers. Don’t try to take on tanks alone, either.
  5. Rockets’ Red Glare – Helix Rockets can be deployed every 10~ seconds or so. Use them to deal with Torbjorn’s turrets, Bastion’s stationary guns, or slow-moving tanks like D.Va’s mech firing cannons and Roadhog.
  6. Run For It! – If you are caught in a tight situation, just turn around and sprint. With the sprinting ability, Soldier 76 can get into the thick of a fight (and escape) faster than almost any other hero — not named Tracer.
  7. Teamplayer – Because of his medium-range Pulse Rifle and rockets, Soldier 76 excels with a team and can deal with a variety of opponents. He can also heal using the Biotic Field ability that slowly repairs 76 and his allies. It isn’t as effective as Mercy’s healing, but it can keep your team going in a hairy situation.
  8. Stayin’ Alive – Drop your Biotic Field if you’re caught in a narrow alley or small room with no easy escape. It might just keep you alive long enough to kill your ambusher, or to sprint to safety.
  9. Target Locked – Soldier 76’s Ultimate ability, Tactical Visor, allows him to auto-aim like he’s using an aimbot. All of his shots will hit their targets. Wait to unleash this attack when you’re dealing with hard-to-hit opponents.
  10. Too Fast? No Problem – Pharah and Tracer are two tricky-to-hit heroes, and popping Tactical Visor will turn them both into mincemeat. All shots are guaranteed to land if you have line-of-sight, and all reloads are 50% faster.

Think you’re ready to handle Soldier 76 now? Let us know your pro-strategies, tips and tricks in the comments section.

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