Overwatch: 10 Tips to Get Started | Widowmaker Hero Guide


Get into the cold and calculated mind of a professional sniper with our top ten tips to get you started with Widowmaker, Overwatch’s resident sniper supreme. With her Venom Mines and Grappling Hook, Widowmaker can find a cozy place in the map to start shooting with her scoped rifle, able to charge the weapon for a more powerful shot. She requires skill, but even if you’re new to online competitive FPS, she’s powerful enough to help any team. No pinpoint accuracy master snipers required.

Like other defensive heroes, Widowmaker is best when she’s positioned behind the rest of your team, shooting down priority targets and clearing the way for your heavy-hitters. A sniper isn’t just about being a lone wolf, it’s about aiding your team — while scoring tons of headshots and boosting your K/D ratios.

Learn all about Widowmaker and what makes her such a good sniper with these ten quick tips to get you started.

10 Tips to Get Started | Widowmaker Hero Guide

The most-picked defensive hero, Widowmaker is the sniper of Overwatch, and comes with a variety of abilities that allow her to find sniping spots, defend them, and shoot down any incoming enemies.

  1. Sniping is Life – Widowmaker’s charge shot is her premier ability. Scope and charge from a good angle to defend lanes of attack. Her main weapon can also swap to Assault Mode for automatic fire to defend against annoying offensive flankers like Tracer, but it’s best used defensively only. Don’t go charging into combat!
  2. Covering Fire – While Widowmaker doesn’t need to stay near her team, she does need to watch their backs and focus fire. Their priority targets should be Widowmaker’s priority targets. Help them destroy tanks, defenders, and anyone else that’s causing problems for the objective play.
  3. Protect Your Perch – Finding the right spot to camp is paramount to success with Widowmaker. Her Grappling Hook ability helps her reach high ledges where other heroes can’t follow, and her Venom Mine can be deployed on the floor or walls to harass any flankers trying to attack your rear.
  4. A Dashing Escape – Widowmaker can’t deal with offensive flankers up-close, and she can’t handle a good Winston player either. In situations where you’re being rushed, drop a Venom Mine (not too close, it can damage you) and use the grappling hook to escape.
  5. Grappling Mishaps – The cool-down for the grappling hook ability only initiates after a successful hook. That means if you hit a piece of the level geometry and not an actual ledge, you won’t be penalized. This is very good to know while still exploring the maps early in your Overwatch career.
  6. Switching Positions – Widowmakers are designed for camping in one spot. But don’t wait for the action to come to you. Switching positions will help keep flankers off your back, confuse the enemy, and give you new vantage points to cover. Don’t wait for the action to come to you, go find shooting positions to aid the team.
  7. Customize Your Sensitivity – As the team sniper, the best Overwatch Widowmakers are going to have plenty of FPS sniping experience. Even if you’re a newbie, try some advanced tactics – go to the training ground and adjust your mouse sensitivity. More experienced players will use a very low sensitive and a simple dot sight.
  8. Infra-Slight – Widowmaker’s unique Ultimate ability Infra-Sight reveals every opponent in the match, creating a red ghost-image through walls and pinging every enemy on the map. The effect lasts for 15~ seconds and is one of the best support abilities in Overwatch. Use it often!
  9. Seriously. Use it Often – Because Widowmaker can output so much damage, her Ultimate tends to recharge quickly. If you’re new or not coordinating with a team closely, just use the Ultimate every chance you get. When the meter fills, immediately pop the ability.
  10. Teleporter Troubles – Symmetra’s Teleporter is going to cause problems for Widowmaker. Deal with it early if you’re in a position to destroy it, or use Infra-Sight to spot the teleporter so your team can take it out.

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