Battleborn Price Drop As Overwatch Launches

Developers Gearbox Software’s latest video game release, Battleborn, receives a price drop the same day as Blizzard Entertainment launches Overwatch, isn’t that a coincidence? As these two video games duke it out, we’ll be interested in knowing if the price drop affects any potential sales for Overwatch or not.

Battleborn, the first-person shooter with MOBA elements was released earlier this month. Now we’re finding out that just three weeks since its launch, Gearbox Software’s latest title is getting a price reduction from $60 to $40 in both physical and digital retail.

This may be a bit too coincidental as this comes just in time for the launch of Blizzard’s Overwatch, another first-person shooter. After all, this could be a shot back to Blizzard Entertainment by Gearbox Software as Overwatch held a beta the very day that Battleborn came out.

With Overwatch a very popular title that managed to bring in over ten million players to its open beta weekend, there’s a good chance that the price drop for Battleborn will not sway gamers from picking up Blizzard’s video game launch in favor for the now cheaper Battleborn title.

Regardless, for those of you who are looking to get Battleborn, here’s your chance to save some money with the various editions now coming in about $20 cheaper. Take a look at the Battleborn gallery down below and the trailer posted above.