Fallout 4 Guide: Faster Terminal Speed & Hacking Cheat

Computers have always been a part of the Fallout universe, delivering tons of lore and backstory. And aside from the addition of a hacking minigame in Fallout 3 onward, the terminals haven’t really changed over the years.

Faster Terminals

If you’re a fan of reading all the lore in Fallout 4, which you probably are, then you’ll probably be a little ticked off by how slow the RobCo computer terminals are.

It takes awhile for the text to fill the screen, and while hitting a button will allow you to skip past the loading, there’s a good chance you might accidentally skip too far ahead.

To that end, you can speed up the computer terminals with the following console command. Simply hit the tilde (~) key and type:

setgs iTerminalDisplayRate 1000

Easy Hacking Cheat

If you’re tired of brain teasers and would like to simply break into any computer you hack, then this following console command will simplify matters by making all computers instantly crackable. Keep in mind that cheats may be irreversible and will certainly impact your playthrough.

setgs iHackingMaxWords 1