10 Best Games To Play If You Like Fable

The Fable franchise has a strong following and over the years we’ve received a few installments. However, the title became dormant and those that were waiting on a new game had to resort towards some other similar titles. Fortunately, Microsoft has brought this IP off the ice and has a new reboot in the works over at Playground Games. With that said, if you’re after something new to play to hold you over until that next thrilling installment is released then we have you covered.

Fable is quite an iconic game and there are quite a few elements that make it special for so many players. You have a ton of lore, different unique locations to visit, a storyline to keep you playing, the ability to tweak your character appearance and morals, choices that lead to different consequences, plenty of character leveling, along with a nice fantasy world. Now not every game on this list will check all the boxes but these should be decent enough titles to keep you busy for a good little while. With that said, these are not ranked in any particular order. The video games are just a few recommendations that you might find some interest in.

#10 Fallout

The Fallout franchise is one of the first few games to come to mind. It doesn’t feature a fantasy world but there are quite a few different mutated creatures to battle with. These games put players into a post-apocalyptic world after nuclear wars have flattened the Earth. Here players are taking the role of usually an individual that managed to live a relatively easy life buried deep beneath the ground in a massive vault structure. Made to house civilians across the world, these vaults were keeping humanity safe from the radiation and hazardous environment that became toxic above. Generally, players will leave the vault and start their main quest line. These games all have a specific quest for instance in Fallout 4 you’re after information behind who broke into your vault and kidnapped your child while Fallout 3 had players venturing out into the open world when your father vanishes. There’s a large open world, plenty of choices to make, a ton of loot to grab up, the ability to level up your character, and take on a wide range of storyline quests.

#9 Vampyr

Vampyr might be a bit of an unusual game on this list but let us explain. Within Vampyr the game takes place during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic in London where players take the role of a doctor named Jonathan Reid. Our protagonist is in a predicament as he is a vampire with a bloodthirsty nature, but is battling his condition with his Hippocratic Oath. Players can traverse parts of the world while also leveling up the protagonist to unlock new abilities and skills from the skill tree. It’s worth noting that the skill tree will not be linear allowing players to open up the various play styles available to enjoy during the game progression. Likewise, your actual image of the character changes from your choices.

#8 Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a bit of a hidden gem at the time. It’s a title that had the vibes of Fable and it had a cult following, but this RPG just didn’t quite hit the strides that other iconic titles were able to. However, there’s been a second chance for this game with some enhancements called Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. There’s a strong fantasy plot that has plenty of choices along the way which does offer some consequences. You’ll even find some unique locations to visit. Meanwhile, there are a ton of customization’s that you can tweak your character as well so you’re not just locked into a protagonist with a single type of playstyle. Fortunately, as mentioned, you can dive into this game once again with modern platforms and it’s a bit of a new release so this should hopefully give players countless hours of gameplay content to keep them busy.

#7 Kynseed

Kynseed is a game that came out in 2018 and is still under early access. But what makes this game notable on our list is that it comes from an indie development studio from several developers that worked on Fable. The game itself mixes an RPG kind of adventure with a farming simulator. So think of a game that’s a bit like Stardew Valley where the storyline continues to go on long after your first protagonist dies as you’ll continue on the journey in the role of your children. From there you can run a business, set out for adventure, farm, and just decide on what kind of life you’d like to live. Being that this is an early access title you’ll likely see plenty of tweaks and updates made before it’s readily available as a full video game.

#6 Overlord

Another series to check into is Overlord. This is a fantasy action RPG where players are taking the role of a warrior resurrected from the dead and to conquer his enemies, you’ll have control of little demonic creatures known as Minions. This helps bring in some RTS elements to the gameplay as well where players can send out minions to battle while venturing through the game narrative. While you’re never really the good guy here, the title does provide different levels of evil that you can trigger which offers more corruption into the world. Most of the game is a bit wacky and there are a few installments you can partake in.

#5 Risen

Another game we can recommend is a title called Risen which came out back in 2009. This is a fantasy world that needs a hero. Players will venture through the island of Faranga which has different locations and environments. Arriving on the island as a stowaway, players will get to join into a faction and start their journey whether it’s being a bandit, a warrior, or a mage. Players can expect an action RPG where there are a few choices and consequences that you could partake in. Likewise, you’ll have different skills and experience points to level up your character along the way. If you enjoy this game two sequels have since come out although it seems that most will find that the first installment was the franchise’s prime.

#4 Dragon Age

The Dragon Age franchise is quite the popular one after it was first released into the marketplace in 2009. Since then we’ve had a few installments come out along with spin-offs. These are fantasy RPG titles that have players going through a narrative-driven storyline, quests, and battling against all kinds of evil monsters. So you have the fantasy aspect, lore, and a narrative to draw you in from the game which is similar to the likes of Fable, but what you might also find of interest in this game has a play on reputation. Actions in the game may put you in positive or negative reception which can result in how they will treat you. That’s a bit similar to the likes of Fable where the townsfolk would react to whether you were considered a hero or a villain. Regardless, the Dragon Age franchise is a pretty big IP and chances are you might have already been enjoying the games. With that said, we do have a new installment in the works called Dragon Age 4 although we don’t have a release date yet. We very well may have the rebooted Fable game out before Dragon Age 4 but if not then you can at least dive into that game.

#3 The Elder Scrolls

Another game franchise that might instantly come to mind is The Elder Scrolls. The same folks behind Fallout, Bethesda, are also behind the likes of The Elder Scrolls and chances are you’ve already been playing some of these games. It’s another fantasy game with a ton of lore where you’re stepping into the world as a unique protagonist that can partake in countless quests all while exploring all kinds of different locations. While there are plenty of installments available for this IP, you’re likely going to be most familiar with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the latest mainline installment available. This is also the game Bethesda has made more accessible for platforms so you’re likely able to jump onto this game with whatever game platform you have at hand. This is an action RPG title as well so you’re able to go through battles in real-time and while there is loot to seek out that can change up your character’s cosmetics, the physical features remain the same with whatever species you start with. If you somehow missed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there’s a reason this game constantly gets showcased online and has continued to find itself on the latest platforms. You’ll easily spend countless hours playing this game. Whether you’re strictly after quest lines, exploration, or joining in different factions, there’s just a massive amount of content waiting for players.

#2 The Outer Worlds

Another open-world RPG that fans might find of interest that can give some slight Fable vibes is The Outer Worlds. It’s not all fantasy here as you’re given a more science-fiction vibe set in the distant future. Players take the role of a crew member on board a colony ship that was lost in space for years. However, you’re rescued from your eternal slumber from a scientist deemed mad who seeks your help in not only overthrowing the tyrannical government control but also freeing the rest of the colonists on board the ship. Dropped down on a planet, you’re given freedom on what you want to do from there. It’s a game full of quests and missions but with choices as well. Each choice will have some kind of consequence and there are some difficult choices the game forces upon you as well. At any rate, how this narrative will wrap up in terms of the main storyline is also up to you. You could side with the scientist and help him or find out his location to turn the mad scientist into the government. What might turn some fans away is the length of the game. Without the expansions which add new storylines for players to complete, you’re looking at a game that will only take you a little over twelve hours to complete the main storyline.

#1 The Witcher

Another fantasy game that will pop up on plenty of lists for just being an incredible RPG is The Witcher series. CD Projekt Red is not portrayed in the best light per se right now after their problematic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 which is still being tweaked and worked on. However, before Cyberpunk 2077, this studio was held on a pedestal for so many fans worldwide because of The Witcher trilogy. The three titles brought in a ton of hours of enjoyment as you took on the role of Geralt that battled off all kinds of hostile monsters. While the two earlier installments may be a bit difficult to get into visually, the third installment, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to find so many newcomer fans today. It’s an iconic RPG title and it’s likely going to continue to find some new players regularly after the success of The Witcher Netflix original series. Again, there’s a ton of quests to partake in, a storyline that will keep you playing, a ton of interesting characters, and even plenty of locations to visit. However, if you’re wanting to dive into this game then it’s best to catch some recap videos on the events that happened before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt if you’re not interested in diving back to the original two installments.