SaGa Frontier Remastered: How To Get The Most Powerful Attack In The Game

SaGa Frontier, the cult-classic PS1 JRPG is now available on modern consoles, and it’s just as busted as its always been. This is a weird game — instead of leveling up by earning XP, you gain new abilities basically by repeating the same actions over and over again. It’s a little bit like Skyrim, except there’s no way to know what you’ll unlock next.

With all that in mind, we present to you the most powerful attack in the game. The Dream Super Combo is a killer Martial Arts attack that’s also completely hidden — you don’t learn it, but you do learn a bunch of other techniques that, when equipped, unlock the DSC. If you’re unfamiliar with SaGa Frontier, it’s a little complicated. But we’ll try to walk you through all the steps.

How To Unlock The Dream Super Combo | Most Powerful Attack Guide

The Dream Super Combo is one of the most powerful single-attack abilities in the game — and any human can learn it. Each attack can deal 10k+ damage to a target, and multiple characters can learn it in your party. This attack is devastating, and with a lot of grinding, you can learn it even very early in the game.

The Dream Super Combo is a Martial Arts Hidden Technique that is unlocked by using martial arts moves.

  • To Unlock The Dream Super Combo: Use Punch on Human enemies until you unlock more techniques. You’ll need to unlock the following techniques before you earn the DSC:
    • Slide
    • Suplex
    • Collapse
    • Giant Swing

Use Punch, then continue to unlock moves until you get Tumble. Using Tumble seems to increase your skill gain, so use that to unlock the remainder of the techniques you need.

  • How To Equip The Dream Super Combo: To get the DSC added to your menu, you need to equip Slide, Suplex, Collapse, and Giant Swing.
    • Once you have those four abilities equipped, the Dream Super Combo will appear under the Martial Arts menu.

Using this Hidden Technique costs 18 WP — and as stated above — any Human character can learn it just by punching. Using and abusing this power is the best way to beat up everything with very little effort.