There’s A New Kirby 64 Cheat Code Discovered 21 Years Later

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards released way back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64, and it’s only just now that an intrepid group of retro researchers have discovered a secret code that instantly unlocks 100% completion in your safe file. The cheat code was discovered by fans as part of the Kirby 64 decompilation project — we caught onto the newly discovered cheat code thanks to @Graample on Twitter.

It’s no wonder this cheat code was never discovered, because it’s completely absurd. Pulling it off requires a specific save file setup, a reset, and very specific button presses. If you do everything exactly right, you’ll get yourself a 100% complete game file. This was probably a developer cheat used for debugging, to give testers easy access to every level instantly. That’s my best guess anyway. Not that my guesses matter — we’re here for the cheat codes. So here’s how it works.

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How To Use The Kirby 64 100% Completion Cheat Code

To give yourself a 100% completion save file, you just need to follow these steps on the original Nintendo 64 hardware. This may also be possible on WiiU, but it is absolutely not possible on the Wii.

  • Create a 0% save file in the third save slot.
  • Reset the console. During start-up, input the code.
  • With the second controller, input the following:
    • While Holding [L]: C-Up, C-Up, R, C-Right, C-Left, Start

That isn’t everything you need, either. To properly pull this off, you’ll need to make sure the rest of these requirements are covered.

  • A controller needs to be plugged into both Port 1 and Port 2.
  • It doesn’t matter what is on File 1. This can be empty, or have a complete file.
  • File 2 must be empty.
  • File 3 must have a brand new 0% save file.

It’s a little complicated and fiddly — but that makes sense if you think about it. If the developers didn’t tell anyone about this cheat code, it was probably meant for internal development. Otherwise, we’d so know about it. Old games like this are packed with weird codes, and decompilation projects like this are the best way to learn.