10 Inventory Items In Games We Never, Ever Want To Use

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There are good items, and there are bad items — and there are items that sit in our inventory forever, never to be used. Today, I’ve just got to talk about all the trash filling up my inventory space.

Whether it’s the best-of-the-best potions you’re saving for a rainy day, or weird junk nobody knows what to do with, there are so many items (and item adjacent objects) in video games we flat-out refuse to use. Sometimes they’re helpful. Sometimes they’re not. There are as many reasons to avoid using items as there are items in video games, so let’s break it down into the most common categories.

We’re not saying these items are useless. Sometimes, the items we never use are extremely useful! They’re just rare — or, there are major drawbacks. You might even use the items we’ve got listed in the top 10 below. Call us creatures of habit, but these are the types of items we try our best to avoid… even if we still want them in our inventories.

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#1. Shaders [Destiny 2]

Shaders are the devil’s playthings. In Destiny 2, shaders are consumable customization items that change the skin of your favorite loot. They often cost real-world money, and some of them can only be obtained during special events — as in, you’ll never be able to obtain another one. And when you use them once, they’re gone for good. Your weapon (or gear) skin changes, but it doesn’t let you swap it back on whenever you want. Whatever shader you use to replace it — well, that previous shader is gone forever.

That leaves plenty of Destiny 2 players sitting with stacks of unused Shaders in their inventories. You can’t just use a shader! You’ve got to decide what loot you want to apply it to. Then you’ve got to think long and hard about keeping it forever. What if there’s a new shader you like, but don’t love? Why are you doing this to us Bungie? Just let us swap around the shaders we’ve got!

#2. Gold Hoe [Minecraft]

Everything made of gold is basically useless in Minecraft, but the Gold Hoe is maybe the most useless item of all. There are gold swords, gold armor sets, and big blocks of gold you can craft in the most moddable game on the planet, and they’re all completely worthless.

Gold is hard to find, and yet gold items are weaker than stone or iron counterparts. They break faster. They exist purely for bling — but who wants to bling out their crappy little farming tool? A suit of gold armor at least makes sense aesthetically. Even a gold sword would look cool hanging on your wall. But what purpose does the Gold Hoe serve? None at all.

These are the items we could do without. Find more on the next page.