10 Secrets, Cheats & Easter Eggs That Took Fans Years To Discover

In the age of the internet, we’re used to discovering every hidden feature, secret area and Easter egg before a game is even released. But sometimes secrets fall through the cracks — sometimes it takes years before anyone finds an Easter egg. That’s what we’re focusing on today. These Easter eggs took years to solve. Sometimes it even took decades.

One of these was only discovered this year, about 24 (!) years after the original game’s release. Another was found in a game from 1977, making it (perhaps) the oldest Easter egg ever discovered. I found some really awesome stuff in my research for this article, and some of these secrets are completely mind-blowing to me. This isn’t cut content — these are cheat codes, scenes, secret levels and more that nobody was able to find for years.

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Bully Battle With Nozomi [Shenmue]

Some games are so strange, so esoteric and odd, that players are still discovering secret scenes or hidden mechanics 20 years later. This is one of those times — Japanese players were able to unlock a secret scene where Ryo and his mild-mannered girlfriend Nozomi battle local bullies.

Nozomi is a regular soft-spoken Japanese teenager, unlike the massive kung-fu disciple Ryo that you play as. Still, that doesn’t stop the teen from delivering arm-bars to thugs like a champ.

How do you get the scene? You have to boost the kitten’s affinity score high enough, of course! How do you do that? By feeding the cat! I think? There’s actually more to it, but it’s so weird, and so specific, that players showing off this scene are much more likely to just hack their way into it.

Verbally Abusive Pit Crew Code [Wave Race: Blue Storm]

Here we have a hilarious secret code for Wave Race: Blue Storm that transforms your pit crew into a gang of jerks. Instead of cheering you on, they spit hot fire insults. They’ll say you’re “pathetic”, and sarcastically make fun of you for gaining speed boosts, saying “Whoa, a turbo!” — there’s a whole lot more. Just check out the video above.

The code was shared by Neogaf Forums User RaoulDuke. You can also find how to input this code yourself in his post. It’s just a code, but it’s one I had no idea existed. It’s also one of the weirdest Easter eggs I’ve seen in awhile. Even if you don’t have nostalgic Wave Race memories, this is hilarious.

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