Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 2 – All Collectibles & Secrets Locations | The World Spire

The Doom Slayer’s story is finally concluded in “The Ancient Gods Part 2” DLC — three more singleplayer levels filled with a ridiculous amount of enemies, challenging encounters, and a ridiculous final boss that (can) take a very long time to defeat. The Dark Lord is waiting for you at the end of the road, and defeating him will end the Doom Slayer’s war with Hell once and for all.

As always, there are collectibles to grab, so we’re going through each level to explain where to get them all. In addition to the Codex collectibles, there are new Escalation Encounters. These optional arenas unlock upgrades for your new Sentinel Hammer, which replaces the Sword and is a whole lot more useful. The Sentinel Hammer stuns enemies in its blast radius, generates ammo, and is restored by performing Glory Kills or destroying weak points.

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The World Spear | All Collectibles Locations

Extra Life: In the large fountain area where the Armored Barons and Cyber Mancubi spawn, clear the room and you’ll find this extra life behind a gate near the arena exit. Push the skull switch in the back-left corner to of this room (past the fountain) to unlock it.

BFG Ammo: In the arena with the Whiplash spawns, there’s a BFG ammo in the back-right corner. Grabbing it will lock you inside with two Mancubi!

Extra Life: In the Stone Imp arena, reach the upper bridge. Then look on the opposite wall — there’s a pipe with this Extra Life you can drop down to.

Map: Reaching the large open snowy combat area, you’ll have to navigate a jumping puzzle and cross a gorge with a Cyber Mancubus guarding the other side. The map terminal is near that Mancubus spawn.

Extra Life x2: Ahead of the map, this Extra Life x2 is located above a floating grapple point.

Codex: Jump into the cave past the previous Extra Live power-up. The codex page is right near the ledge, you can’t miss it.

BFG Ammo: Reach the platform above the codex page. Once you clear the three zombies, look to the left — there’s an easy to miss BFG ammo pick-up.

Escalation Encounters: Past the ice cavern packed with respawning explosives, jump through the flame jets and you’ll reach the first Escalation Encounter. These special arena battles reward you with a Sentinel Hammer Upgrade if you complete the first wave, and a cosmetic for completing the second optional wave.

  • Reward: 1st Wave – Sentinel Hammer Upgrade, Enemies Drop More Ammo
  • Reward: 2nd Wave – World Spear Slayer Cosmetic.
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Codex: The last codex page is at the very end of the level. Once you enter the World Spire, you’ll find this page in the center of the floating yellow ghostly figures, next to the crystal objective. Grab it before exiting through the portal.

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