10 Most Terrifying Stalkers In Video Games

The Werewolf [Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines]

The werewolf you encounter late in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines isn’t like most werewolves you’re used to. This isn’t a Castlevania monster you can just whip to death. The Werewolf is a hulking brute that’s three times bigger than a normal human. It’s a snarling maelstrom of teeth and claws. Killing it isn’t an option — and this thing is hungry to kill itself a vampire.

Hilariously, Werewolves are so strong in Bloodlines, they’ll even ignore console cheat codes. Normally, you’ll just have to run away (and use your vampire powers to aid in your escape) but it actually is possible to kill this thing in your single encounter. You can cheese it by closing the Griffith Observatory doors in its face. It’s totally optional, but you’ll want a little revenge after trying to run from this thing for long.

Anima [Evil Within 2]

The ghostly presence is one of the eeriest sights from Evil Within 2. While exploring the ruined remains of Union, a strange mental landscape designed to be the perfect home for future citizens, the player may encounter Anima. Its a white spirit that repeats your name, phasing through the world, and pulling you into nightmarish recreations of your past. Unlike some of the stalkers on this list, it can’t be harmed in any way.

Your weapons just go straight through it. The only way to escape is to sneak. The fact that the Anima can appear in the open-world is spooky enough, but it also always unexpectedly appears. While you’re searching for valuable supplies, you might find yourself trapped in a creepy labyrinth. The fact that the Anima is so unpredictable — and optional — makes it one of the spookiest stalkers in video games.

That covers some of the scariest invincible hunters in video games. Do you prefer Nemesis to Mr. X? Think we’re missing something? Let us know your fave freaky monsters that just won’t die.