10 Most Terrifying Stalkers In Video Games

Gatherers [Amnesia: The Dark Descent]

Jack Baker is scary and funny in equal measure. The Gatherers are pure nightmare fuel. Amnesia: The Dark Descent introduced gamers to a new type of horror — one where you can’t fight back at all. There’s no flamethrowers to scare off the monsters in Amnesia. You have to run or you will die.

Amnesia uses a “sanity” mechanic to encourage players to look away from the things chasing them in the gothic castle they’re trapped in. And that’s probably for the best, because the monsters in Amnesia are revolting. Seriously, look at those things! They’re disgusting! They look like half-melted clay dolls. There’s just something so wrong with them. And many players (like myself) never got a clear look until after the game was over.

Realizing these things were chasing me around for hours? That’s just as terrifying as seeing them.

The Demon [Outlast 2]

Outlast 2 is a controversial little game — mostly because it isn’t really that good. Most of the enemies don’t really compare to the freaky residents of Mount Massive in the original game. But, there is one creature that outshines everything else. The Demon is a twisted skull-like monstrosity covered in blood and possessing way too many arms. In a game that’s mostly grounded in some form of reality, the Demon is a whole different ball game.

The Demon lurks the halls of the School — an environment you’ll revisit periodically as you progress through a hellish pilgrimage to a cult’s lair. The mundane environment of the school at night is easily the creepiest in the entire game. It’s a perfect spot for something out of our nightmares to pop out of the shadows and stalk. This thing is relentless and there’s no hiding from it. When the demon appears, you’ll just have to run.

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