10 Most Terrifying Stalkers In Video Games

Pyramid Head [Silent Hill 2]

The iconic Pyramid Head absolutely belongs on our list of unkillable stalkers. You don’t encounter Pyramid Head very often in the horror masterpiece Silent Hill 2, but each encounter is memorable. To say the least.

Pyramid Head first appears obscured behind bars in the apartment building — later, you’ll hide in a closet while Pyramid Head does something very unpleasant on the other side of the door. When you finally encounter him, you’ll just have to survive as he chases you, or kills your allies with his Great Knife weapon.

Pyramid Head was so iconic, he reappeared in future Silent Hill projects… even if he didn’t really fit. The first time was still the best.

Jack Baker [Resident Evil 7]

We’re double-dipping Resident Evil, but Jack Baker is a very different kind of invulnerable stalker for the Resident Evil series. Seemingly a normal (but totally nuts) man, you’ll have to fight him multiple times as you explore the grounds of the Baker Estate. Resident Evil 7 returns the games to their horror roots. Jack Baker taunts you. He’ll break through walls to catch you. When he finds you, he can even cut off your appendages in a gruesome optional cutscene.

And he just keeps coming back for more. Eventually, you will face off against Jack instead of running away. There are three main encounts (four if you count the DLC) where you’ll fight Jack. These gonzo battles are all completely insane. You’ll ram him with a still-running car as he takes you on a joy-ride, or lure you into a chainsaw battle. Yes, really! Jack Baker just keeps escalating and escalating, making him one of the most truly ridiculous reoccurring villains in the entire RE series.

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