6 Best PlayStation 4 Golf Games

Golf video games could be considered rather a niche and as a result, there are few and far between solid game titles to pick from. However, with that said, there are still some simulation and arcade-style titles that we would suggest checking out if you’re interested in the genre. In this list, we are going to highlight some of the very best golf video games on the PlayStation 4 platform.

#6 Golf With Your Friends

If regular golf isn’t your thing then there’s always miniature golf. We’ve all played putt-putt in our younger days and it’s something that you can experience again with Golf With Your Friends. It’s a simplistic arcade-style game that strips away any avatars and clubs. Instead, we’re only focusing on the ball itself where you can trick it out with different cosmetics like colors and hats to make it a bit more unique. Meanwhile, the courses themselves will be just as lighthearted with each course themed such as a pirates cove or a space station.

Controls are pretty bare minimum here which could be a good thing for those that are wanting something incredibly easy to understand. During the game, players are simply able to position what direction they would like to hit the ball and then a meter will indicate how much power behind the strike. While you would likely think the more power the better, you’ll find that there’s a bit of a learning curve with each course. You’ll find ramps, loops, and hills that make it a challenge to decide just how much power will get you towards the right area without overshooting the ball out of bounds. As the title suggests, this game is available for multiple players with the ability to go through a game with up to twelve players total online.

#5 Party Golf

Party Golf aims to be that next fun party game with you and your friends. Setup as a 2D video game, players are hitting their ball to quickly get into the hole before time runs out. It’s fast-paced with matches not lasting longer than a minute. Interestingly enough the levels are procedurally generated as well so you can find matches to be fresh as your group attempts to navigate through the course and sink the hole first to rank up as many points as possible. Meanwhile, there’s a pretty wide range of different game modes that can alter the mechanics and styles of maps. There’s not much to explain this game, but chances are if you give this game a go you might find it quite an addicting title that’s difficult to put down.

#4 The Golf Club 2

If you’re after more of a simulator-style golf game then there’s The Golf Club series and for this list, we’re going to be focusing on its sequel The Golf Club 2. This title as mentioned takes a simulator golf game approach so you can expect quite a bit of actual strategic shots and a set of rules here. If you’re not the biggest fan of the sport then you might find the lengthy set of tutorials to be a bit cumbersome, but the title does its best to give players an understanding of what you should be doing during actual games.

From here you can find a traditional career mode where you’ll work up the ranks of being a professional golfer and earning money to use for in-game cosmetics or gear. Of course, there are multiplayer modes as well so you can face against other players on the course or if you’re connected online then you can play against previously recorded players from a course so essentially their ghost. Controls rely on the analog sticks to do most of the shots but you can, of course, adjust the different shots such as if you need chipping.

With that said, you’ll find that courses can have their challenges for players to attempt such as getting Birdies. Meanwhile, if you’re finding the courses to be a bit bland then there is a course creator option that would allow players to craft their unique courses to use in the game or upload online in which case players can import the course into their own video game.

#3 Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf got plenty of attention for an indie game and that was because of who was working on the project. Several developers worked at Criterion Games that went on to create Three Fields Entertainment. If by chance you don’t recall Criterion Games by the name alone, then this is a famed development studio that delivered the immensely popular Burnout racing franchise. Now I understand racing and golf are two widely different genres but you’ll see the similarities right away between the two games.

While Burnout thrived on action-packed crashes during races, Dangers Golf focuses on insane damage you can inflict on a level with your golf ball. It’s very much an arcade-style game with players being able to smash a ball that can destroy a gas station, museum room to a kitchen. Similar to Burnout where after a crash, players could trigger a further explosion to deal even more damage to the area, Dangerous Golf adds a similar element as well to give players one more chance to deliver some damage or attempt to sink the hole for a bonus cash point system bonus. Multiplayer is featured as well with up to eight players being able to join in on the fun and compete to see who was able to rack up the most amount of damage.

#2 Everybody’ Golf

You might know Everbody’s Golf as its original title, Hot Shots Golf. This series has been around since 1997 and was only recently found itself going through a rebrand to the now title IP Everybody’s Golf. This is an arcade-style video game golf title with less focus on being a simulator where players create their character and set off on various golf matches to tournaments. Throughout the game, players will be consistently gaining XP and in-game currency to further purchase various cosmetics and gear.

Things are a bit lighthearted here and while there are various shots and strategic swings you could do to get around different obstacles or deal with weather conditions. Game mechanics are easy to get around as it’s set up like a traditional meter style system where you’re only really dealing with three button presses. After you’re done aiming, a single press of a button initiates the shot, as the meter goes up you’re deciding on how much power you would like to have behind your swing, while the last press will determine the accuracy.

While you can play traditional-style courses, a few challenges will make the gameplay a bit fresh such as dealing with larger size holes. We also can’t forget to mention that there’s a VR spin-off title as well for this game. Those of you who have a PlayStation VR headset will find an Everybody’s Golf VR addition to further immerse yourself into the video game world.

#1 PGA Tour 2K21

PGA Tour 2K21 is another franchise that was a rebrand from another video game series. Much like how Hot Shots Golf went through a rebrand to be called Everybody’s Golf, The Golf Club franchise has been switched to PGA Tour 2K21. Now the golf sport can finally join in on the 2K Sports banner. If you’re familiar with The Golf Club franchise before then you know that this is a simulation-based video game. Players will be going through tournaments and participating in various golf matches from iconic courses throughout North America.

Similar to The Golf Club 2, there’s also a variety of tournament rules and course-specific challenges to complete. Players can even create their unique courses to provide a new scenic and challenging game for others online. Being a simulator video game, PGA Tour 2K21 has a wide range of helpful tips and hints for newcomers or veteran fans to go through. However, it’s worth noting that these indicators and guides can be turned off which would allow players to showcase what specifically they would like to see on their display. Meanwhile, the career mode will have players going through different tournaments and professional PGA icons. Depending on how good you are in the game, signing up for a contract sponsorship deal with potential of earning some new cosmetics. Meanwhile, players could simply use their in-game currency to further unlock cosmetics and gear.