18 Best Levels Of 2020

Shinra Building [Final Fantasy VII Remake]

The Shinra Building isn’t a mere level in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s been expanded from a single dungeon into a multi-chapter epic. There are several mini-dungeons in the vast structure, all leading to your final face-off with President Shinra. This level just keeps going — there are so many boss fights, I’m not sure I can count them all. There are at least 4. The challenge ramps up so steadily, your party will encounter two separate training rooms to level up. One of the best dungeons in video games is better in the remake.

The Saint And The Sinner [Mafia: Definitive Edition]

2020 was the year of the remake. Mafia: Definitive Edition updates almost everything about the original PC criminal underground open-world shooter. In its most standout level, your mafioso must infiltrate a brothel, fighting (or sneaking) to the top floor to plant a bomb. Things go sideways, and you end up fighting across the city rooftops as cops swarm the area. The entire level ends with a massive shootout in a cathedral where a dramatic twist places two enemies together at exactly the wrong time. It’s a thrill-ride from start to finish that exemplifies how good some old-school mission design could be.

Super Gore Nest [DOOM Eternal]

DOOM Eternal blasts your senses with action every second of its runtime. That makes choosing the best level difficult — but I think I’ve made my choice. The Super Gore Nest is a mid-game level, dropping the Doomguy back onto a Hell-infested Earth. The Super Gore Nest is a huge level with multiple pathways, giving your Doomguy a chance to explore and complete objectives while weaving around a massive map. It’s almost got that classic Doom feel as you find keys to unlock new sections of the level, all while furiously blasting the worst demons Hell has to offer.

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