18 Best Levels Of 2020

Chapter 7 [Half-Life: Alyx]

Half-Life: Alyx might be the scariest game of the year thanks to a terrifying stalker named Jeff. It’s crazy to think we finally got a new Half-Life game, and while it isn’t Half-Life 3, it’s still full of creative twists and unforgettable moments. One of those moments comes in Chapter 7, where Alyx has to infiltrate a building were an unkillable creature lives. “Jeff” is a mutated human, altered by a weird spore infection and twisted into a living venus flytrap. It’s a creature like we’ve never seen in the Half-Life universe, making this encounter special in that way only Valve can pull off.

Tower Of Latria [Demon’s Souls]

The spookiest level in Demon’s Souls got even better. The cyclopean Tower of Latria is one of the strangest levels in the Dark Souls canon, and the PS5 remake blows the original out of the blood-soaked water. The Tower consists of two locations — the Prison of Hope, and the eponymous Tower of Latria. The prison is guarded by patrolling brain-suckers that can sense movement through sound. The towers are even more frightening, with twisted human-shaped slugs hunting the nightmarish swamps while a massive heart beats in the center. In an exquisite touch, you can actually feel the heartbeat in the PS5 controller.

Skeld [Among Us]

The first and most iconic map in Among Us. We all know Among Us actually came out two years ago — but if you’ve been paying any attention to Twitch, 2020 was the year of Among Us. In this fun multiplayer game of social deception, players must work together to uncover the secret murderer in their midst. All of the levels are balanced, but Skeld is the one that’s most burned into our brains. Skeld is Among Us.

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