10 Shocking Secrets In Games We Never Noticed (Until Now)

Reverse, Same As The First [Final Fantasy 7]

At the end of Final Fantasy 7, Cloud of friends delve deep into a crater to face off against Sephiroth’s final form. Before fighting him, you’ll need to take care of the monstrous Jenovah one last time. Its new music is strangely evocative. It even sounds a little familiar. Like you’ve heard it before.

That’s because you have. The Jenovah Absolute theme is just the Battle Theme in reverse. Yes, really! I’ve listened to the OST for FF7 dozens of times, and I never realized it. Listen to both tracks side-by-side and the truth becomes obvious. The reversed theme is shockingly good. Who would’ve thought to even do this?

Stealing Some Spoilers [Dragon Age: Origins]

Batman: Arkham City isn’t the only game hiding spoilers in plain sight. In Dragon Age: Origins, it’s possible to initiate a side-quest called “Summoning Sciences” with the amusingly named Arl Foreshadow. This lame geezer doesn’t really do much — unless you pickpocket him. His notes are a treasure trove of lore that eventually turns out to be true in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Stealing the note from Arl Foreshadow hints at all sorts of plot revelations — you’ll find references to Orlais, and to surviving elves from the ancient city of Arlathan. These aren’t exactly spoilers because they’re so vague, but a goofy guy named Arl Foreshadow has all the answers for future games. That’s pretty funny in my book.