10 Shocking Secrets In Games We Never Noticed (Until Now)

Monsters Whispering After Midnight [Black & White 2]

One of the most hilarious (and cruel) Easter eggs I’ve ever seen comes from Black & White 2, a game about raising a god-like creature that helps a tiny society of people thrive. It’s a hard game to pin down, but the giant monster AI was considered pretty impressive for the time. By showing it how to do things, it would learn and grow.

But the monsters had one weird behavior you didn’t need to teach. After midnight, monsters might just start whispering your name. Black & White 2 developers specifically recorded voice lines for common names in 10 different languages — and the game checked your computer for references to your name. If the names matched, the monsters would whisper your name in an insanely creepy little secret.

Apparently this was done solely to mess with players. Good job, you’ve succeeded.

Stand On You Tiptoes [Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty]

I’ve played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty multiple times, and it wasn’t until recently that I found out Raiden can stand on his tiptoes — all you have to do is hold [R1] then press [L2+R2] to stand just a little taller. I seriously had no idea, and most people that played that game also had no idea for a pretty good reason.

The weird maneuver is never required if you play the game on Normal difficulty. You only need to stand on your tiptoes on Hard or higher — the C4 bomb disposal mission is a little trickier on the harder difficulties, requiring extra reach from Raiden. You only ever need to this once, and most players will have no idea it even exists unless you look it up. That probably makes this one of the most pointless features in a game packed with weird, pointless features — realistic ice melting anyone?

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