10 Shocking Secrets In Games We Never Noticed (Until Now)

Insane Unlockable Item Requirements [Koudelka]

Koudelka is a game most of us have never heard of. Developed by the same people that created the Shadow Hearts series — JRPGs that at least a few people have heard of — Koudelka is a survival horror JRPG. Its like Resident Evil, but instead of shooting zombies you enter turn-based battles to defeat them. That’s super weird all on its own, but the methods required for unlocking hidden items is the weirdest detail of all.

To unlock secret items, you need to save your game at precise times on the counter — 01:11:11, 04:44:44, 11:11:11, 03:33:33, etc. Not only that, but you need the correct corresponding number of items in your inventory. For the secret item at 10:10:10 you need 10 items in your inventory. Who would ever figure this out? The items you get aren’t even good! This isn’t helpful at all!

The Entire Game Is One Big Dig On EA [Ultima 7]

And you thought you hated your boss. The developers at Origin were mid-development on their RPG Ultima 7 when they were bought out by EA. I never played Ultima 7, or any of the Ultima games really, but there’s something we can all understand rooted in the heart of Ultima 7’s story; EA is pure evil.

Throughout the game, there are countless references to Electronic Arts as the source of all evil, and this idea is even confirmed by creator Richard Garriot. The villainous Guardian employs a pair of menacing cultists called Elizabeth and Abraham — E & A. The most obvious reference is in the later story, where the Guardian’s power comes from three structures with specific shapes — a cube, a sphere, and a tetrahedron. Do those shapes sound familiar?

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