10 Shocking Secrets In Games We Never Noticed (Until Now)

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Punishment For Using Curse Words [Secret of Evermore]

Using bad language is frowned upon in Secret of Evermore, an action-RPG on the SNES. There’s nothing to stop you from naming yourself F*&K and walking around with a rude name — but Charon really doesn’t approve. When you meet the old skeleton to cross the River Styx, Charon specifically calls you out for your bad word name.

On top of that, he asks for +2 coins to cross the river. This is the only game I can think of that punishes the player for using bad language — most games now just won’t let you give yourself a name like that. This game doesn’t punish you until you’ve made some real progress. Now that’s straight devious.

An Abrupt Beginning [Tomb Raider: Legend]

Less a secret, and more an absurd detail it took us way too long to notice. If you played Tomb Raider: Legend on the Xbox 360 console all those many years ago, you might’ve felt like the beginning was a little off. The game just starts with no fanfare, dropping Lara Croft into Egypt to fend for herself.

Well there’s a reason for that. On the Xbox 360 version of the game, developers Crystal Dynamic accidentally forgot to include the intro cinematic. The cinematic is found on the PS3 version, but not the Xbox 360. That odd feeling we all felt — that something was absolutely missing — turned out to be true thanks to an honest-to-god mistake.

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