Fortnite: Season 5 – Take A Visual Tour Of All The New Locations [GALLERY]

The Nexus War is over and Galactus has been defeated — but there’s a new threat in Fortnite town. Hunters from multiple universes have landed on the island, including The Mandalorian from his Disney+ show. While these guys (and the nonsense story surrounding it) are all well and good, we’re here for those juicy locations. The best part of every Season is checking out the changes on the map.

And sure, these changes are temporary — they’ll get swapped around, and new places will get added as the season goes on — there’s no better time to check them all out than right at the start. Strap on your bounty hunter jetpack, because we’re going to check out all the locations in the Season 5 Battle Royale map. Whether you like it or not.

The Season 5 map. Image Source: [1]

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The Zero Point

The most obvious change to the map is right in the center. The Zero Point is exposed in the sky and visible from anywhere on the island, and the entire center has become a twisted desert covered in purple crystals — there’s even an awesome new ability that’s exclusive to this region.

Wait in the purple shifting sands long enough and you’ll sink under. Now you can travel stealthily under the surface moving a super-fast speed, able to pop-out and ambush anyone! It’s kind of like splatting into the ink in Splatoon. The area has a strange ethereal beauty… even when it’s packed with psychopaths building ramps to nowhere like madmen.

There’s a treasure trove of loot in the dead center under the Zero Point, and even an abandoned drive-in theatre! Perfect for teaser trailer viewings in the near future, I’m sure.

Razor Crest Crash Site

Star Wars fans, avert your eyes! The Mandalorian’s beloved ship The Razor Crest has crash-landed on the Battle Royale island. Seeing as Mando is the first premium character you’ll unlock — including an adorable Baby Yoda — this is an area you’ll want to visit. Just so you can find the adorable little tent Mando has setup outside.

Explore more of the Season 5: Zero Point Battle Royale map as our visual tour continues.