Fortnite: How To Catch Legendary Thermal Fish | Night Vision & Challenge Guide

Week 6 of the current Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2 Battle Pass demands that you catch a legendary fish. Legendary fish are extremely rare and almost impossible to catch on your own — unless you use a pretty simple trick. Legendary Fish might be part of the Battle Pass challenges, but they’re still an awesome find in-game.

Why? The Thermal Fish aren’t just a healing item. These new items also give you thermal vision for 1 minute — the environment becomes dark, and enemies glow bright white. That gives you a pretty strong edge in gunfights, making enemies incredibly easy to spot while running around a busy environment. If you’re in a huge 50v50 game or just on a clutch 1v100 final circle, the Thermal Fish can give you the edge.

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How To Catch Legendary Fish | Thermal Fish Guide

If you don’t know how to fish and haven’t tried it yet, it’s actually pretty simple — we’ve got an entire guide for fishing here, but the steps are easy.

  • Find a fishing rod. You’ll find barrels of fishing rods on docks, piers, or just about anywhere next to the water.
  • Equip and press the [Fire Button] to cast your rod. Aim for areas where fish are popping out of the water — you’ll see swarms of fish going nuts. That’s where you want to fish.

That’s the basics of fishing, but the real challenge is finding the Legendary Fish, or the absurdly rare Mythic Fish

  • How To Catch Legendary Fish:
    • Collect a Fishing Rod, then go to an Upgrade Bench. Use the bench to upgrade the Fishing Rod into the Pro Fishing Rod.

The Pro Fishing Rod gives you improved chances of finding Legendary Fish and even the Mythic Fish. Certain Legendary Fish can only be found with the Pro Fishing Rod.

  • Upgrading a Fishing Rod to a Pro Fishing Rod costs 100 units of all materials.

It is possible to obtain a Pro Fishing Rod from a chest or loot container, but it’s much easier to get it via an upgrade bench. Make sure to aim for those thrashing schools of fish in the water for a higher chance at catching rare fish instead of finding guns or other loot.