Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Go On A Visual Tour Of Party Royale | Social Island Explored [GALLERY]

Fortnite just expanded yet again with an experimental new mode where players don’t even fight each other. The new Party Royale features a totally new island packed with activities like boat races, ATV tracks, and obstacle courses. You can compete with your friends, or sit back and watch scheduled concerts at the Main Stage. There’s even an alternate Big Screen for Hollywood events.

And because it’s a whole new island, we’re here for another visual tour! Join us as we explore the new space, search for secrets, and share a ridiculous amount of screenshots. This island is a whole lot smaller than the totally revamped Chapter 2 map, but it’s still worth checking out — especially the pirate ship with working cannons. I love that place.

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How To Join: Party Royale is a game mode found in Battle Royale — just hop into Battle Royale, and change the game mode to Party Royale. You’ll drop into the island where you can watch shows, or play games with friends.

There are five different minigames you can play on the island. Go to the icons marked on your map to join an event!

  • ATV Race: Orange Icon – Offroad against your friends in ATVs!
  • Foot Race: Red Icon – Reach the finish line first on-foot.
  • Drop Obstacle Course: Purple Icon – Ride through rings on your parachute.
  • Speed Boat Race: Blue Icon – Take on the waves on your speed boat.
  • Soccer Challenge: Green Icon – Found only in the northeast corner, kick the ball around and score the most points by knocking your ball into the goal.

The Plaza

The beautiful plaza is where you’ll begin your adventure in Party Royale, and where you can ride the escape bus straight into a matchmaking lobby for Battle Royale. There’s a lot of colorful restaurants, banana stands, and arcades to while away the hours chatting with friends. When you’re sick of standing around with nothing to do — it’s take to travel east to the Main Stage.

Main Stage

This is where the action happens. You’ll find the concerts at the Main Stage, and it’s packed with flashing lights, dancing holograms, and bounce pads so you can dance, fly, and generally celebrate like a madman. The first show on the stage showcased the talents of Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Dillon Francis. If you missed the show, just back out to the lobby and you can rewatch.

Be prepared, because there are going to be way more concerts here. It’s quiet now, so let’s take the sleepy road south.

Barnyard Obstacles

Just south of the Main Stage, you’ll leave the bright lights and enter a sleepy barnyard that’s packed with obstacles. There’s an obstacle course here, and a dock with a speed boat down on the waterfront. But let’s talk about this cool old barn.

The huge barn is three stories tall, with a windmill and small shack. Navigating the obstacle course takes precision timing and careful walking on very narrow wooden beams. It’s a calming sight after all those chaotic lights, but there’s something even cooler off the coast.

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