Star Wars Has Officially Hit Minecraft

Minecraft is such an iconic video game title that has been around for years and we don’t foresee this game going anywhere. The amount of creativity and adventure has continued to bring back veteran fans along with newcomers across a multitude of platforms. Fans can get quite creative as well when they craft up different designs and creations in their custom worlds. However, some fans would rather opt for a more official means to get various iconic goods.

While Minecraft has been available on the PC platform with countless mods, skins, textures, and map creations, it didn’t stop Mojang from delivering some official crossover events. In fact, there are several free Minecraft texture packs, adventure maps, mini-games, and skins. However, some of these adventures and mash-ups require a bit of money for players to enjoy. Still, depending on how big of a fan base there is, Minecraft players may sink some money in order to enjoy some unique areas or skins.

In fact, the latest mash-up is a crossover event with Star Wars. Mojang was able to craft up content based on the original Star Wars trilogy and the hit Disney Plus television series, The Mandalorian. All players shave to do is pick up these crossover goods through the Minecraft marketplace. Afterward, you can explore different planets, witness unique mobs, skins, and embark on their own Star Wars adventure.

With that said, we’re not sure if there is more content planned in the future featuring this iconic IP. At any rate, if you’re a fan of Star Wars and want a more official way to enjoy the IP on the game then here is your chance right here. You’ll get a map, skin pack, texture set, mobs, items, custom UI, and a licensed soundtrack.

Source: Minecraft