10 Weirdest Video Game Sequels, Spin-Offs & Reboots Of Popular Series

E.X. Troopers [Lost Planet Series]

Here’s a game I assume basically no one has heard of. E.X. Troopers is an anime action spin-off of the Lost Planet series, itself an under-the-radar franchise when compared to the other efforts from Capcom. Unlike the main series, E.X. Troopers is all about quick action, with cell-shaded graphics and an anime-esque presentation.

It was never ported to the US, but it actually looks pretty fun. I know I’d like to play it, even if it looks almost nothing like any of the other Lost Planet games. Maybe that’s a good thing, because cheapy Lost Planet 3 killed the series dead.

Metal Gear Acid [Metal Gear Solid Series]

I don’t want to discuss Metal Gear Pachinko, so we’re going to talk about that other weird sub-series; Metal Gear Acid. Exclusive to the PSP, Konami published two Metal Gear Acid games, and they’re both pretty weird. They’re stealth card-games, where you play on turn-based maps like a tactical RPG. You’ll have to pick cards, play them, avoid enemies and fight bosses just like the originals, but the aesthetic is somehow even more heightened than the original games.

There’s no attempt to depict a real world here, it’s all anime-esque madness. Just the designs of the characters are enough to let you know that we’ve long-since left any sort of reality. They’re far more colorful — maybe the developers were on acid. Does that explain the name?

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