Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath DLC – Robocop References, Fatality Inputs & Ending | Easter Eggs Guide

RoboCop is the standout new character included in the Aftermath DLC for Mortal Kombat 11, bringing a second badass robotic warrior to the fray. Now you can pit RoboCop against the Terminator — good bot versus bad bot.

Naturally, RoboCop is packed with easter eggs and references related to his movie appearance, and we’re going to list them all here. Along with the Easter eggs, I’ll list the unlockable secondary fatality input so you don’t have to waste an Easy Fatality token. If you’re curious to see what Robocop’s ending is all about, we’ll cover that one too. Today, we’re all about RoboCop. Let’s Protect and Serve.

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RoboCop Easter Eggs & References

RoboCop’s intro scene shows him arriving in an OCP police cruisier. OCP — Omni Consumer Products — is the monolithic corporation that created RoboCop in the first place. They’re also the big bad guys that RoboCop has to face off against.

In RoboCop’s ridiculous hidden secondary fatality, he performs a move that’s near-and-dear to all RoboCop fans. After launching a riot control grenade, RoboCop shoots his opponent right through the testicles (a.k.a. the crotch area) with perfect precision to set off the explosive. It’s all in dedication to this very memorable scene.

RoboCop uses a variety of weapons — obviously, he utilizes his famous handgun, but he’s got a few other tools up his sleeve. RoboCop also uses the massive experimental Cobra Rifle that the bad guys try to kill RoboCop with. In his normal fatality (and his Fatal Blow) RoboCop summons fellow policebot ED-209 to rip your opponents apart with an absurd amount of bullets. Finally, RoboCop uses that computer uplink spike in his hand to stab people.

There are a few fun surprises in RoboCop’s kosmetics too — RoboCop has a black skin (with OCP logo) that looks deceptively similar to the RoboCop remake from 2014. Combined with a few of the new helmets, and you can match his sleek remake look. You can also dress RoboCop up in his original police uniform when he was a simple trooper. One of the rarest head pieces actually shows RoboCop’s full face!

And best of all? When RoboCop is stunned, he wobbles around like the scene where he’s freaking out in the chair. Don’t know the scene? Here it is.

  • RoboCop Fatality Inputs:
    • Dead or Alive: [Close] Back, Forward, Down, Down, 2
    • Thank You For Your Cooperation: [Mid] Forward, Down, Forward, 1

RoboCop’s Arcade Mode Ending

RoboCop is shown chasing Kano through a portal, leading him to defeat Kano’s master Kronika — and learn that OCP is completely corrupt. With friends from Earthrealm, RoboCop promises to take down his evil creators — yes, he’s got the powers of Kronika, and he’s using them to dish out some real justice back on his Earth.

This ending doesn’t reveal too much. There’s a little backstory to fill in, with Kano selling guns to the gangs of Old Detroit, basically replacing the Clarence Boddicker character. It makes sense, they do share a few similarities. Both of them love killing partners! It’s also hilarious that only through the powers of Kronika does RoboCop finally stand up against the evils of OCP.

That about covers everything that’s worth knowing about RoboCop! Is there a tiny reference we missed? Hit us up and we’ll update the article!