Streets of Rage 4: How To Stunlock Your Way To Victory | Advanced Combat Tips

If you want to get far in Streets of Rage 4, you’ll have to learn some basic oldschool strategies. There are new moves to learn — you can perform a dash attack, or even hold down the attack button to charge a strong attack. But, the best way to dish out damage and keep bad guys locked down is with the simple stunlock. There are a few techniques you can use, and I’m going to share my (sort of) expertise on the stunlocking subject. it isn’t cheating! Its just the best way to win.

There are a few other awesome improvements in Streets of Rage 4. It doesn’t completely redefine the gameplay formula. It refines it — now you can catch weapons that are thrown at you with a well-timed button press, or you can immediately recover after getting knocked down. Earning extra lives is an important mechanic, so building huge combos won’t just help you win fights safely, you’ll also crank up those points. Here’s exactly what you need to know, punks.

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You have a standard punch combo in Streets of Rage 4. By spamming the attack, you’ll (usually) keep enemies trapped in your combo until the end. The standard combo is:

  • Basic Combo: [X], [X], [X], -> -> [X]

That’s three quick punches and a forward-dash finisher punch. To stunlock an enemy, you need to slow down and take your time. After punching / kicking an enemy with a single attack, they’ll be stunned for a very brief moment.

The trick is to stagger your attacks, resetting their stun with every punch. Basically, you’ll want to change your style to get the maximum amount of damage possible. Here’s a quick list of stunlock combos.

  • Basic Combo: [X], [X], [X], -> -> [X]
  • Stunlock Combo: [X] (Stun), [X] (Stun), [X] (Stun), [X], [X], [X], -> -> [X]
    • Finisher Addition: [Y] -or- [Y+B]
  • Double Stunlock Combo: [XX] (Stun), [XX] (Stun), [XX] (Stun), [X], [X], [X], -> -> [X]
    • Finisher Addition: [Y] -or- [Y+B]

You can double-up your punches and get twice as many hits in by practicing the double stunlock combo. Bosses are trickier because they can break out of combos, and will immediately recover instead of flying off. To deal more damage to bosses, try to get them stock on a wall, or ping-pong them between both players.

Now that you can combo enemies even while they’re flying mid-air, you can score even more hits on tough bad guys with a little help from Player 2. Give it a try, and you’ll quickly unlock all the power of a Streets of Rage master.

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