Street of Rage 4: How To Unlock Bonus & Classic Characters | Secrets Guide

There are 13 bonus characters to unlock in Streets of Rage 4 — these bonus characters are separate sprites with their own movesets from previous games in the series. And they’re all pretty awesome. You can get yourself classic Axel, Blaze, or even the ridiculous Dr. Gilbert Zan. Their sprites are old-school, and to unlock them, you’ll need to earn a whole lot of lifetime points.

So, what are lifetime points? You’ll earn a score for everything you do in the game. By wracking up combos and completing levels with better letter grades, you’ll earn huge point bonuses. You’ll keep a running tally of total points earned across all game modes, and by reaching certain huge number milestones, you’ll unlock extra character. Below, I’ll list everything you need to know about earning points, and what characters you can unlock with all those points. There’s actually a reason to earn that high score this time.

How To Unlock Secret Characters

By reaching lifetime point milestones, you’ll unlock secret characters from previous Streets of Rage games. There are 13 characters to unlock total.

Earn points by building combos and completing stages. The score is shared across all modes, so no matter what you do, you’ll keep building up your total point score.

  • Bonus points are earned by playing new modes, playing stages with new characters, playing through higher difficulty levels, and earning high letter grades at the end of each level. Try to switch up your game as much as possible.

Stages are graded based on how much HP you have left at the end of the stage, how long it took to complete, and how many stars you’ve saved up. If you don’t spend your stars on super moves, you’ll earn more points at the end of the stage.

Unlockable Character List

  • Adam Hunter: Complete Chapter 4
  • SoR1 Axel Stone: Earn 200,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR1 Adam Hunter: Earn 250,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR1 Blaze Fielding: Earn 310,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR2 Max Thunder: Earn 390,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR2 Axel Stone: Earn 480,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR2 Blaze Fielding: Earn 570,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR2 Skate Hunter: Earn 650,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR3 Axel Stone: Earn 730,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR3 Blaze Fielding: Earn 840,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR3 Skate Hunter: Earn 940,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR3 Dr. Gilbert Zan: Earn 1,050,000 Lifetime Points
  • SoR3 Shiva: Earn 1,150,000 Lifetime Points

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