Street of Rage 4: Secret Retro Levels & Classic Boss Locations | Easter Egg Guide

Replay classic levels from Streets of Rage past with these hidden level locations found throughout Streets of Rage 4. There are bosses to fight and bonus stars to collect — which is great if you’re aiming to earn more points and improve your grade in every level. These levels can be accessed from any of the in-game modes, and you can use stage select to jump straight to the spots you need to find. And who doesn’t want to fight Mr. X all over again?

To actually unlock the levels, you’ll need to look for an old arcade machine. They’re found in just a few levels, but once you find the special arcade machine, just zap it with a taser. You’ll have to grab one off cop enemies, or collect it off the ground. It’s the only way to activate these machines and get in on the action.

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To enter a secret level, you’ll need to use a taser weapon on specific semi-hidden arcade machines. The taser can be acquired from cops right before you find the arcade machine — so don’t use it — or on the ground nearby.

If you don’t see a taser, smash all the crates and other item containers nearby until you find one.

  • Stage 2: In the prison, past the guards wielding taser, you’ll find an open doorway in the background with an arcade machine. Make sure to hold onto a taser!
  • Stage 4: Look for an entrance door on the docks and go left to find the arcade machine in this level. There’s a small room where you’ll find it.
  • Stage 5: Found in the bar, after exiting the sewers. You can’t miss it.
  • Stage 8: After leaving the Art Exhibit, you’ll enter a back room with a taser weapon on the ground. Use it to unlock the arcade machine nearby.

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