Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – How To Use Cheats | Instant Heals, Teleportation & More

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord puts you in control of your own medieval retinue, fighting (and sometimes dying) to establish your own hegemony in times of war. You’ll lead soldiers into battle, earn money, and slowly expand your sphere of influence until nothing can stop you. It’s a compelling formula, and the feudal combat sim is available for players on Steam right now.

It’s a sandbox, and even if you’re a fan of careful play, sometimes it’s nice to let loose and go nuts. That’s what cheat codes are for. This returning feature from the original game is back with a few tweaks. You’ll be able to unleash tons of handy cheats — including instantly healing yourself (and your horse) or defeating all enemies at the same time.

How To Access Cheats

To access cheats, locate the ‘engine_config.txt‘ file and alter it.

  • Go to: Documents\Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord \Configs
  • Open ‘engine_config‘ in Notepad.
  • Find the line ‘cheat_mode=0‘ and change to ‘cheat_mode=1
  • Save and exit.

You may have to reveal hidden files to discover the engine_config file. The file may be in a different location, depending on your Steam installation settings.

  • NOTE: Activating Cheats will also give you access to all items. Check the Discard area in your inventory.

Once cheat mode is activated, you just need to press different keyboard combinations to access the cheat effects.

Cheat Input:Effect:
CTRL+HFully heals the player.
CTRL+Shift+HFully heals the player’s mount.
CTRL+F4Knocks a random enemy soldier unconscious.
CTRL+Alt+F4Knocks all current enemies soldiers unconscious.
CTRL+Left ClickOn your map, instantly teleports your retinue.
CTRL+F6Knocks a random friendly soldier unconscious.
CTRL+Shift+F6Knocks all friendly soldiers unconscious.
CTRL+F3Applies damage to the player.

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