Gamescom 2020 May Continue As A Digital Event

You are all aware of the coronavirus health pandemic we are going through right now. It has been a nonstop coverage online and televised news broadcasts showcasing what is going on around the world, how many have been infected, recoveries and ultimately deaths. While we are all trying our best to avoid spreading or catching the virus, this year has been pretty rough for several industries.

For the video game industry, studios are working remotely from their homes, the next-generation consoles are being brought up online with worry over the product being limited due to the virus spread, and of course, we’ve seen several events cancel or get postponed.

For instance, GDC 2020 was postponed with hopes that we will see the event take place during the summer while E3 2020 was outright cancelled. Now, the attention has been on Gamescom and what the event will do now that the virus is continuing to spread. While the organizers are still keeping the dates for this August, a new statement was released. On the official Gamescom website, we’re finding out that the event will continue on though it may be a digital-only event.

Right now, it seems that there is a possibility that we could still see Gamescom 2020 happen in-person, but it’s still very much dependent on the virus. With that said, it also looks like there have been some talks with the exhibitors and we could see Gamescom 2020 still take place but through digital streams. If this happens, then those who purchased tickets will be able to get a refund. Really, it all boils down to what this virus is like around the world by the time we get close to August. 

Source: Gamescom