GDC 2020 Now Scheduled For August 

With the health pandemic going on thanks to the coronavirus, there are plenty of gamers out there that watched massive events come to a quick and sudden cancellation. For instance, arguably the biggest expo for the video game industry, E3 2020 was cancelled altogether and before that GDC 2020 was postponed. While E3 is not going to happen this year, the Games Developer Conference is holding out hope that they can put together an event still with a new target date. 

GDC 2020 was originally supposed to happen earlier this month but due to so many companies pulling from attending due to the coronavirus, the GDC event was eventually postponed. Interestingly enough, the event wasn’t outright cancelled like E3 and today we’re finding out that the Games Developer Conference is hoping to see a new event take place in August of this year.

Dubbed as GDC Summer, the event will take place at the same venue within San Francisco. Currently, the event will be taking place from August 4th through August 6th. This will be a more condensed version of the original GDC 2020 plans but those that attend will still find panels and discussions along with a floor of booths to check out the latest video games brought to the event or simply a means to network. 

This event still may be too early to really announce as the health pandemic is still very much a problem that the governments and doctors are trying to solve. While we’re hopeful that this event is able to take place with the coronavirus no longer being a threat, we’re having to wait and see if GDC Summer is pushed back or cancelled. Likewise, we’re interested in seeing just what companies are agreeing to attend the event right now.

Source: Twitter