Control: Foundation DLC – How To Find (& Complete) All Side-Quests | ‘A Strong Foundation’ Guide

Welcome back to the Federal Bureau of Control. The Foundation DLC sends Jesse to the very edges of the Oldest House to save the world from a new deadly threat. You’ll have to explore the new Foundation Division, a vast cavern that’s been infiltrated by the Astral Plain. It’s a mind-bending area, with impossibly vast caverns, endless white voids, and lost sections of the FBC to explore.

There’s a whole load of secrets to discover while you’re down below. Like in the regular game, you can stumble into hidden side-quests. Each side-quest includes a new mechanic to contend with — you’ll have to find lost IDs to access a secret lab, use a TV to light your way through a creepy cave, or chase a lost Altered Item down neon-lit train tracks. Each one is worth experiencing. Don’t miss any with the quick guide below.

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How To Find All 3 Side-Quests | ‘A Strong Foundation’ Guide

Found Footage: Go back to Research Site Delta and regenerate crystals to create a path up to the high rock bridge. To the left, there’s a path leading to the Chasm — entering the Chasm will begin the quest.

  • Grab the TV at the start and gently drop it to complete puzzles. The TV will disable any enemies that try to approach, so you don’t need to defeat all the high level mimics.

Pope’s Collection: Collect any ID card in the Warehouse area and return to talk to Pope. She appears at the Crossroads after completing the first nail location.

  • Learn how to complete Pope’s Collection quest in the full guide below.

Jesse Faden starring in ‘Swift Platform’: In the Collapsed Department, reach the Transit Access. Smash through the glass windows to the control room — you can only access it after using the switch to remove the film camera. Up in the high control room, take the stairs down on the right to find an elevator leading to this wild side-quest.

  • This one is difficult. Use levitate to avoid incoming obstacles and jump from one moving platform to the other. Any mods that give you health regen are very useful here.

How To Complete ‘Pope’s Collection’ | Side-Quest Guide

To complete the ‘Pope’s Collection’ side-quest and access a super secret basement laboratory, you’ll need to find all the ID Cards in the Warehouse section of the Foundation Division. After finding one of the ID Cards, return to the Crossroads to talk to Pope — she’ll give you the ‘Pope’s Collection’ side-quest. All five ID Cards are found in the Warehouse area.

  • ID #1: Found on the bottom floor of the Warehouse structure. Interact with the door switch to unlock.
  • ID #2: On a desk inside one of the yellow buildings outside the large warehouse structure.
  • ID #3: From the exterior, climb up to the high ledge above the yellow structures and generate crystal platforms to reach a high window. There’s a card inside.
  • ID #4: While climbing the tower, always look for optional windows you can reach — look for an optional path near Warehouse Rise to reach a high window.
  • ID #5: Behind the warehouse tower, there’s a small set of scaffolding in the dark. You’ll find the last ID card there.

Return to the Warehouse elevator to access the secret lab on the lowest level. You’ll have to enter the lowest level of the warehouse — through the lower side-door where one ID was located.

You need to place the cards in the correct slots. Interact with the machines, and place the cards in the following locations.

  • Chief Excavation Engineer: In the machine to the right of the door, the deck is covered in tools.
  • Senior Cartographer: In the back-right slot, on the desk covered with maps.
  • Security Chief: Back-left, in the slot with the machine gun.
  • Lead Physicist: On the left, at the desk with the first-aid and typewriter.
  • Head of Research: At the desk with the staff picture, right next to the entrance door.

Place all five, and you’ll be able to enter the Basement Lab through the elevator. Down below, use the huge door and you’ll stumble into a boss battle against a powerful shade enemy.