Control: Three Lucky Players Got Free Bandcamp Albums With This Easter Egg

The secret message.

Three lucky (and inquisitive players) were able to unlock a very special reward for discovering an Easter egg in Control. Hidden in a room high-up in the Central Research room of the Research Sector, there’s a special listening laboratory that’s covered in paraphernalia for a band called ‘Socks and Ballerinas’ — a musical group that must’ve been connected to the Control developer team.

The best part of this Easter egg is written on a large whiteboard. There are codes — strange codes that look like cyphers. Those codes are actually hidden codes for the album ‘Soap!’ by ‘Socks and Ballerinas’. Inputting those three codes on the bandcamp page here rewarded Easter egg hunters a free album. There are only three codes to claim, and according to a [now deleted] post on Reddit, all three codes have been picked up. So it’s a little too late to solve this mystery now.

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Socks and Ballerinas Free Album Easter Egg

Let’s get into a little more detail. The hidden room is located high above in Central Research in the Research Sector. You’ll need Levitate to access the room — starting from the highest point, float up to the balcony alcoves until you spot a room with an unlocked door. The laboratory is down the hall.

In the lab, you’ll find lots of album artwork. Turning on the button plays a song from ‘Soap!’ by the band ‘Socks and Ballerinas’ — and it reverses gravity when the music is playing inside the chamber!

The most important thing is the white board. The white board is covered in codes — there’s a simple A1Z26 Cypher you can use to discover what the numbers mean — the words are from the track titles of ‘Soap!’, the aforementioned album. The strange chemical components written on the wall are actually the designations for the elements that make up a bar of soap. Seeing a pattern here?

The most important part of the puzzle is at the bottom. There are three separate codes, and each one allows a player to actually claim a free album on the ‘Soap!’ bandcamp. If you’re looking to claim your own prize, don’t bother — all three codes are already accounted for.