The Outer Worlds “Come To Halcyon” Trailer Released

Obsidian Entertainment is a well-known and beloved video game development studio after they have released countless iconic RPG titles. For instance, the developers were responsible for Fallout: New Vegas and during The Game Awards 2018 came the announcement of The Outer Worlds. This is a brand new experience which resembles a bit like their past Fallout: New Vegas work. Within the game, players will be embarking on an adventure set in the distant future where mankind has colonized space.

Players will be investigating megacorporations to find just how strong of a hold they have on life and the colonized worlds. Just like with past RPG titles developed under Obsidian Entertainment, the gameplay narrative will present players with multiple answers and options. Depending on the options selected may result in various branching storylines.

The video game is slated to release next month and to help hype up the video game a bit more, the development studio has tossed out a brand new trailer to view called Com To Halcyon. This trailer gives players a look into the Halcyon colony which features a robust environment filled with thriving city locations, factories, to diverse wildlife poking around the world.

If you’re interested in The Outer Worlds then you can prepare for its release on October 25, 2019. For now, the release date will include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. A port will be available for the Nintendo Switch but there has yet to be any release date attached to the project. For now, check out the latest trailer posted above and the game gallery below.

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Source: YouTube