Konami Plans On Working With Globally Known IPs In Near Future

Konami was a once-thriving competitor for console video game titles. Back in the day, countless video games were being released, however, they have slowly phased out. Their video game titles were slowly drying out. For example, we can look at Silent Hill, a survival-horror IP that was crafted up by an internal development team known as Team Silent. Originally, the video game titles that came out had great depth and lore with the horror aspect being focused on the atmosphere. When Konami disbanded the internal team and instead provided the game IP to western developers, the results were poor execution, lackluster sales and fans yearning for the original team to come back and deliver the IP back to its humble roots.

The latest for the franchise was the cancellation of Silent Hills, a game that was being headed by Hideo Kojima. Since the split between with the two had occurred, the development studio had remained rather silent with their own console releases. Those old IPs owned by the company has been lying dormant for the most part, but now it looks like Konami is feeling a bit nostalgic and wanting to get things rolling again.

The news comes from Gameindustry.biz who spoke with the Konami Europe president, Masami Saso, who stated that the company is looking to work on projects with their globally known IPs in the near future. We didn’t get any details as to what IPs, in particular, might be in the works, but this may have some fans a bit interested in seeing just what Konami has planned.

As mentioned, for the likes of Silent Hill, the projects that came with western developers have not been highly received like the internal development group, Team Silent. So it’s a wonder if Konami attempts to once again go down the pathway with development studios that may not have a full grasp of the IP in an attempt to deliver something drastically different.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz