Dragon Quest of the Stars: How To Upgrade (And Collect More) Crafting Materials |

Save your gold and craft your own items in Dragon Quest of the Stars — and you can increase the yield at locations using an easy-to-miss feature. Each Chapter introduces a new area with ‘Regional Specialties’, which are items these areas will automatically generate. You can speed up material generation by spending gold on permanent upgrades, or collect everything with one push of the button.

It can also be easy to miss these ‘Regional Specialties’ — they drop from specific locations, with different materials dropping from each new island. You’ll also need to complete all the side-missions to make these available, so strap on your best questing gear and save up some gold. Here’s what you need to know about getting tons of free crafting materials in Dragon Quest of the Stars.

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Islands you unlock by playing through the Chapters in Dragon Quest of the Stars can provide an unlimited amount of ‘Regional Specialties‘ — these are special items that generate over time than you can collect daily. To unlock Regional Specialties from an island, you need to complete the Chapter’s Side-Missions.

  • NOTE: You can collect all of your built-up Regional Specialties with one button press. In the Crafting Menu, there’s a button in the upper-right corner of the screen — press this to collect all the Regional Specialties from every location you’ve unlocked.

Here’s some of the important Regional Specialties you can unlock in the early game.

  • Medicinal Herb: Innish Isle – Petrel Head Chapel
  • Fluffy Wheat: Batraccia Continent – Blaydburg
  • Antidotal Herb: Batraccia Continent – Batraccia Castle
  • Wakerobin: Batraccia Castle – Faeridale
  • Sugarcane: Batraccia Continent – Forest Prison
  • Tender Meat: Batraccia Continent – Westwind Inn

You can upgrade each Regional Specialty — tap and hold on a location with a Regional Specialty to access the upgrade menu. The menu allows you to upgrade Production Time, Amount Produced, and more. Upgrades only cost Gold (so far) and they’re permanent, so if you’re looking to collect more Medicinal Herbs, this is how you can do it.