Dead Cells: How To Get Gold Reserves 5 | Secret Blueprint Guide

One of the most important blueprints in Dead Cells is Gold Reserves — these permanent upgrades increase the amount of gold you can carry over between runs, giving you a nest egg you can spend to make your next run get started right. And now that there are even more ways to spend money thanks to the Dead Cells: Bad Seed DLC, you’re going to want to finally grab this secret blueprint if you haven’t already.

Getting Gold Reserves 5 requires a ton of cells, and some prep-work before you can complete your delve. You’ll need to unlock all the movement-power Runes — why? Because you’ll need to defeat the last boss to get the Homunculus Rune.

The only way to reach the Gold Reserves 5 Blueprint is with your detachable head, where you’ll have to navigate a very Super Metroid maze. There really isn’t anything else like it in Dead Cells, and even if you haven’t unlocked Gold Reserves 4 yet — 5 is totally worth grabbing, just so you’re prepared for all those future high-difficulty runs in the future.

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Found in the Ancient Sewers, look for a large section of the map that’s difficult to access — you’ll be able to spot it based on the lattice of narrow maze-like tunnels that are only one-square wide. Find the entrance from above and drop down. To actually collect the hard-to-reach blueprint, you’ll need the Homunculus Rune, acquired by defeating the Hand of the King for the first time.

  • NOTE: To reach the Ancient Sewers, start from the Prisoner’s Quarters and take the Toxic Sewers exit. The Toxic Sewers then lead to the Ancient Sewers area.

To enter the secret room, find a floor above it then hold down and jump — there’s a floor you can drop through to reach the beginning of the maze. This room always spawns in the Ancient Sewers, and while difficult to solve, can usually be spotted with the naked eye while exploring. Launch your head with [R3] — first to press the button to open the door, then to navigate maze.

The maze itself seems impossible, but if you stick with it you’ll find a way through. You’ll basically make a U-shape — starting from the small room, go to the opposite side (away from the blueprint) and down, then circle around and up to reach the secret blueprint. Once you touch it with your head, you can reel it back in.

The Gold Reserves V upgrade is the final gold reserve upgrade, allowing you to preserve 25,000 gold when you die. It costs 1,000 cells to unlock from the Collector.

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