Shovel Knight: Showdown – How To Unlock Everything | Permanent & Temporary Cheats Guide

You can instantly unlock everything — new costumes, new characters, and new stages — in Shovel Knight: Showdown without putting in all that extra work.

There are two special codes you can use, and they’re perfectly suited for playing with friends, or setting up your own tournament. One of these codes won’t even ruin your progression if you really want to work at unlocking everything, but also want to have a friendly match with your pals. It’s basically the perfect solution to a long-running problem — when you get a new fighting game, nobody wants to unlock every single character every single time.

There are two unlock codes. One unlocks everything permanently, and the other unlocks everything temporarily — the game won’t save, so after you reset, you’ll lose all that ‘everything’ and start where you left off. That’s the best-of-both-worlds version for me, as it isn’t too hard to unlock all the cool stuff in Shovel Knight: Showdown. Slowly unveiling everything is great, but nobody wants to be limited when you’re playing with guests. Here’s how to use both codes.

If you want to unlock all the extras legit, here’s how to unlock every character in Shovel Knight: Showdown.

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How To Unlock Everything | Cheat Codes List

To unlock everything in the game, you’ll just need to input a few simple cheat codes. There are two codes — one unlocks everything permanently, and the other unlocks everything temporarily.

These codes will unlock everything in the game — all secret characters, bonus stages, palettes, and costumes. The only difference is in how they effect your save file.

The temporarily cheat will only unlock everything for a limited time. Saves will be disabled, and you’ll revert back to your old progress once you quit and reload. The permanent cheat will alter your save file, so everything will be unlocked always.

To input cheats, start from the Showdown title screen, hold the [Cancel] button, and press the following directional inputs.

  • Shovel Knight: Showdown Cheat Codes
    • Unlock Everything (Temporary): From the Title Screen, Hold [Cancel] and input Up, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left
    • Unlock Everything (Permanent): From the Title Screen, Hold [Cancel] and input Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Up, Down, Up

Release [Cancel] to complete the cheat input.

If done correctly, you’ll have everything unlocked — that means you’ll have no progression goals, but you won’t have to spend a lot of time unlocking characters to play with friends.

There’s only a small selection of stuff at the start, but you can unlock way more just by exploring each character, going through the story modes, and generally having fun. It isn’t too much of a grind, so I recommend only using the Temporary Cheat — but, it’s all up to you.