Halo Reach: MCC – Best Ways To Earn XP & Tier Up | Easy XP Tips Guide

Halo Reach and the Halo: Master Chief Collection as a whole introduced a completely revamped XP system that caps the amount of XP you can earn. If you’re looking to rank up fast and hit the XP cap consistently, there are a few specific game modes you can play that make life way easier.

And no, I’m not talking about AFK farming. Please don’t do anything that ruins other player’s experience playing the game — this is all about picking modes that will help you rank up faster. The more XP you earn, the more you don’t have to worry about the lack of XP you’re earning from some of the other fun modes in Halo Reach.

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There is a 8,000 XP cap on how much XP you can earn per session online. That cap is much, much easier to hit in certain game modes. In others, you’ll have to be great at the game, scoring kills and earning a victory. Here, we’re going to discuss the easiest ways to hit the 8k cap.

Currently, there are two modes the community agrees are the best ways to load up on XP — Grifball and Firefight.

  • Grifball: The best versus mode for XP. Matches are over very quickly — a typical game can earn any player 12k XP in about 8 minutes.
  • Firefight Arcade: Play with Infinite Rocket Launchers and you’ll clean up XP. Camp where enemies spawn, and just go nuts. You can also use vehicles for teamwork assist XP. You can earn about 9k XP in about 15 minutes.

Grifball is so good for XP, some players are AFK farming — if a player just tapes down a button and run forward constantly, the game won’t kick AFK people automatically like it should. It’s an annoying problem, and the matches are so short, there’s no reason you shouldn’t just play. Nobody needs to unlock cosmetics that badly.

Still, this new Progression System in Halo Reach has plenty of critics from the community. The old system allowed players to pick exactly what they wanted — now you’ll have to grind endlessly to get some of the coolest stuff. Basically, it’s a modern multiplayer game Progression System.