Borderlands 3: Best New Mayhem 4 Farms | Exclusive Legendary Guns & Class Mods Guide

Not too long ago, the Borderlands 3 community was gifted with more legendary weapons and class mods — ambrosia from the Gearbox gods, but all these new items come with a catch. They’re locked behind the incredibly difficult new Mayhem 4 difficulty. Originally, you could only crank up the difficulty to Mayhem 3 after beating the game. Now there’s a fourth level, and it makes some of the fights insanely hard.

One of the best new guns you’ll want to get is the Good Juju — a reference to the Bad Juju exotic from Destiny. It’s only available from a select group of bosses, but you can farm anyone (and anywhere) for high-tier drops when you’re on Mayhem 4. The challenge is crafting a custom character build for each of these encounters — they all have specific weaknesses, and some are a lot more annoying than others. Here are my recommendations for best boss farms in Borderlands 3.

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Mayhem 4 Farming Guide | Boss Tips

Named bosses are the best farming targets, and that stays true in Mayhem 4. But, the old ‘best’ farms aren’t quite so good this time around. There’s no reason to farm giants like the Grave Warden. After a series of nerfs, the best way to farm is the simplest — re-fighting named bosses over and over.

  • NOTE: Mayhem 4 is now available. Activate it on the Sanctuary. Bosses become significantly more difficult — typical bosses gain +1000% Shield / Armor and +850% Health. Yes, really.

The best bosses can be cheezed. Here are the best bosses to farm, and what weapons you’ll want to get to make these bosses much easier.

If you’re not hunting for gated Mayhem 4 loot, then there’s no reason to play on Mayhem 4. Just farm on Mayhem 3 and save yourself the hassle.


Gigamind is the easiest boss to farm currently. He’s small, but a high-level Cutsman Maliwan SMG will devastate him with shock damage. Gigamind can (possibly) drop the Cutsman, so if you’re looking to farm for one of the best legendary guns while also farming for Mayhem 4 loot, this is a good boss to tackle.

Just don’t expect to earn the Good Juju — that drops from all the other bosses on this list. Any shock-damage legendary should be able to easily take him down, and you’re bound to get some good exclusive loot. In my experience, I’ve had the most luck with Gigamind.


This powerhouse boss actually isn’t so bad in Mayhem 4. Bring a powerful incendiary weapon that does +flesh damage like the Rowan’s Call AR.

The Rowan’s Call is a totally random world drop, so you’ll just have to farm and get lucky. Troy isn’t HP gated at any point, and he’s mostly all about that HP so any weapon that can burn him down faster will work.

The Ravager

The monster Ravager is actually one of the best boss farms in Mayhem 4 due to his predictable attack patterns. To speed up the process, play Offline and join with a 2nd Player on an alternate account — you’ll double your loot chances! Just hide the second player somewhere while you fight the Ravager boss.

Captain Truant / General Truant

Both of these bosses are prime farming fodder. Captain Truant is one of the best, and also drops all the gated Mayhem 4 loot. Captain Truant is huge, and has high shields. General Truant has upgraded shield resistance, making him a huge pain. I recommend focusing on Truant if you have to choose.

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