Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Don’t Miss These Two Secret Areas | ‘Visiting Alderaan Places’ Guide

The universe of Jedi: Fallen Order is much bigger than most other Star Wars games — each planet you explore is packed with hidden alcoves, treasure chests, and secret areas. There’s so much to find and explore, you might even miss two lengthy areas that are practically totally new locations. Each one has a big reward waiting at the end, and they’re even right next to each other.

Both of these areas are located on Zeffo, the largest planet you’ll visit on your mission to recover a lost Jedi artifact with a giant list of potential force-users from all around the galaxy. You’ll be able to visit both before you reach the final section of the game — but you’ll need a few tools. These areas are totally optional, and they’re pretty massive. The second area is especially huge. It’s like a mini-DLC area, and well worth your time exploring.

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Zeffo Secret Area Locations Guide | ‘Visiting Alderaan Places’ Guide

Both of the secret, optional areas are located on the planet Zeffo. For completing one of these optional areas, the especially huge Venator Wreckage, you’ll earn the ‘Visiting Alderaan Places‘ trophy / achievement.

The Venator Wreckage is the best hidden area in the game — it’s lengthy, with multiple shortcuts, lots of challenging battles, and even a Bounty Hunter spawn. Here’s where to find the Venator Wreckage and the Broken Wing.

How To Find The Broken Wing Area

The Broken Wing is located at the Crash Site on Zeffo. When you arrive at the massive wreckage of the crashed Clone Wars Star Destroyer, look on the left side for a large monster. Climb onto the wreck above the monster, and use BD-1 to Overcharge the panel to disable the forcefield generator.

Squeeze through the opening, and you’ll be able to enter the depths of the Broken Wing. This area has an optional mysterious creature mini-boss, and a puzzle to solve. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to cut the wires in the water with your lightsaber, making it safe to swim across.

How To Find The Venator Wreckage Area

The Venator Wreckage is a massive optional area you’ll also find at the Crash Site on Zeffo. You’ll need the Double Jump ability to reach the interior. Climb up the center-back area and through the massive engines. Pass through the tunnel guarded by Probe Droids, and you’ll be on your way.

The Venator Wreckage is huge, with multiple layers and floors you’ll be able to climb through. There are minor puzzles to solve along the way, and high-level enemies inside. This is one of the coolest locations in the game, and it’s completely optional. For completing it, you’ll enter a treasure room with 5-6 chests inside. Outside, there’s one final Health Stim Upgrade chest to collect.