Borderlands 3: Anniversary Event – How To Get More Anointed Guns & Mayhem XP | Loot Guide

On the week of October 22-28th, Borderlands 3 is giving players an Anniversary treat. In celebration of the series, you’ll find increased Anointed Gun loot drops and an increase in the amount of Mayhem XP you earn. If you’re not the highest level yet, this is a great time to start grinding for XP and gear. You’ll have to act fast, because the Halloween event is just around the corner — Bloody Harvest begins Thursday October 24th.

Both are free events that are going to be available for everyone, but there’s no reason to wait until Thursday to start your grinding routine. If you’re looking for even better loot and a whole lot of end-game XP, this Week 4 Anniversary is a good place to get started. Below, I’ll explain all the best current farming spots for XP and gear you’ll want to hit up to earn the most rewards fast.

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Anniversary Event – How To Get More Anointed Guns & Mayhem XP | Loot Guide

This event is all about Mayhem. Mayhem Mode is the special difficulty setting you’ll unlock after beating the last boss. You can change Mayhem Mode in Sanctuary — there are three settings, and the higher the setting, the better XP, loot, and cash you’ll earn.

For this event, XP is only increased for Mayhem Mode. So crank it up before going out to farm for Anointed Guns! Anointed Guns are just better rolls of any gun you can find already — if there’s a gun out there, there’s an Anointed that’s basically better. Let’s get into the methods.

  • Boss Farms:
    • Katagawa Jr. [Atlas HQ, Promethea]
    • Captain Truant [Athenas]
    • Graveward [The Floating Tomb, Eden-6]
    • Tyreen [Destroyer’s Rift, Pandora]

For XP Farming, I recommend going to the Slaughterstar and completing optional objectives on each run. Bump up the Mayhem Difficulty as you improve your stats. Start low, and keep going up until it becomes too difficult.

The Graveward also drops insane XP on Mayhem, so it’s useful for more than one farm.

Don’t forget to act fast! This special event is only going to last for the rest of the week!

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