Borderlands 3: All The Weirdest, Wildest (& Deadliest) Legendary Guns We’ve Found [Gallery]

Looks a little familiar, right?

Legendary weapons are the cream of the proverbial crop in Borderlands 3 — they’re the gold-plated guns every Vault Hunter wants to get. They’re also completely random — unlike the Destiny 2 Exotics system, you’ll just have to hope and pray to get some of these guns.

That means no two players will get the same guns on their initial playthrough. That’s why I want to share my greatest gun-complishments with the world. Here are all the Legendary weapons I’ve found so far — there’s a lot of them, so I’m going to split my finding into two sections; one for all the weirdest, unique-est guns that require some explanation so you know how awesome they really are.

The second section will just be a gallery of guns. Not every Legendary is all that special. Sometimes, they just look cool. We’ve got a whole lot more legendary coverage on Gameranx, so keep watching for even more insight into the very-weird world of Borderlands 3 guns.

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All The Weirdest, Wildest (& Deadliest) Legendary Guns We’ve Found [Gallery]

Legendary guns are yellow rarity weapons in Borderlands 3. Some of them are unique and have special properties no other weapons have — others are just very good versions of the standard guns you’ll find in the game. Here, we’re giving special attention to the weirdest, most unique weapons we’ve found.

Unique, Weird & Deadly – The Best Guns We’ve Found

Ruby’s Wrath

This Rocket Launcher fires a cluster of rockets like a shotgun blast. It doesn’t sound that useful — until you use the secondary function, which shoot a dart that generates a Vortex. Any enemy tagged with a Vortex will causes the rockets to home-in. It’s an insane combo that can wreck the final boss fast.

Unending Magnificent

This pistol turns into a fast-fired machine-gun with the secondary option, which speeds up firing speed as both barrels spin and shoot simultaneously. The gun also has the beneft of 100+ bullets thanks to three separate magazines.

Bountiful Destructo Spinner

This killer gun alternates between Cryo and Incendiary elements — meaning you’ll slow enemies and burn them at the same time. You don’t even need to swap, you can just melt away enemy health with a steady stream of bullets.

Disciplined Ripper

This menacing Legendary has a killer melee attack — using the knife on enemies makes all bullet attacks extremely powerful, essentially weakening opponents. You’ll need to re-hit them after every magazine, but most enemies won’t survive.

Smart-Gun XXL

This weird-looking unique gun drops from the Gigamind boss on Promethea. The SMG is normal, but tossing the gun on the ground creates a brain-shaped turret that help you fight bad guys.

Unescapable Sellout

This ridiculous gun might not look that imposing, but it’s cool for one reason — it makes fun of you. The gun talks with Tyreen Calypso’s voice and calls you a variety of dirty names constantly. To get it, you have to actually kill yourself in an Eden-6 side-quest. You’ll have to literally sellout to the bad guys.

Overencumbered Standardized Carrier

This gun looks suspiciously similar to the ZF1, the massive gun featured in The Fifth Element. While this gun can’t do everything that gun does, it does have a Smart Bullet feature — tag an enemy, and your bullets will automatically change direction mid-flight.

Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder

This ridiculous Torgue gun shoots a continuous beam of deadly laser energy — which is pretty unique. There aren’t many guns that can do that. Especially since the energy weapon class has been removed since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add new Legendaries to the list as we find more! Check back again!]