Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair: Where To Find The Super Secret Tonic | Overworld Location Guide

Turn Yooka-Laylee into gritty comic heroes.

There’s one Tonic that’s almost impossible to find without the internet in Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair. The game even says as much — one of the hint signs will tell you about a tonic so well hidden that it isn’t even worth searching for it. Just check online for the answers. And guess what? We’ve got that answer. And I guarantee, this is a spot you’ll never stomp. Not in a thousand years.

Most Tonic can be found by searching the environment of the overworld and looking carefully. A few more can only be found with hints that you need to pay for. Tonics are special bonuses that you can equip in levels — sometimes they give you useful abilities like a longer glide, but most of them are just FX swaps that change how the game looks. Unfortunately, this secret (and expensive) tonic doesn’t do anything cool for you. It just adds a black-and-white filter.

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Where To Find The Super Secret Tonic | Overworld Location Guide

Go to Nimbo in Area 4 – the lake area with Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. Climb onto the wooden fence and roll-jump to reach the right-most post. Buddy-Stomp onto this post to find the super-duper uber secret Tonic.

The tonic is for the Gritty Comic FX overlay. It changes the game to look like a gritty black-and-white comic book. You can purchase the tonic for 1,000 quills.

It’s expensive, but you’ll need it to find all 66 Tonics! It’s a pretty sinister looking FX overlay, and it makes the game a lot harder to play — all that black makes it hard to see where you’re jumping!