Borderlands 3: Kill ‘Rick & Morty’ To Earn A Legendary Gun | Easter Egg Guide

Borderlands 3 can’t help itself. If there is a reference to make, it will make that reference — so it’s no surprise we’re seeing a Rick & Morty Easter egg. The funny thing is, this Easter egg is just as flighty as the long-delayed show itself, only appearing when it wants to. You’ll have to sit and wait very patiently before ‘Wick and Warty’ appear, a pair of big-haired bandits that run amuck in Lectra City.

Not only can you find (and blast) these Easter egg enemies, you’ll also likely to earn a legendary gun for tracking them down. So far, it doesn’t seem these two little freaks drop anything unique. They do drop random Legendary guns, but nothing particularly noteworthy — you’ll have to farm them and see what you can get for yourself. Check out the full instructions below for all the juicy details.

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Kill ‘Rick & Morty’ To Earn A Legendary Gun | Easter Egg Guide

There’s a pair of ‘Rick & Morty’ Easter egg bad guys you can blast to unlock a powerful Legendary weapon. It’s just like the One Punch Man Easter egg, except these two are even more elusive. They’ll appear in Lectra City, Promethea — it’s a completely optional area. You’ll usually find them spawning in the Underpass area.

If you wait around long enough on Sanctuary III, you might get lucky and pop a side-mission called ‘Kill Wick & Warty‘ — they’re just like Rick & Morty, except they’re a lot more like crazed bandits. Still, the models share a few surprising similarities. Just to be totally clear, this side mission is completely random. You might get it and you might never get it. Kind of like the show it’s based on.

If you’re lucky enough to start the quest, a waypoint will mark their location on the Lectra City map. Track them down and defeat them — unlike One Punch, they’re not about to knock you out in a single attack. They aren’t too tough at all, really. Shooting their blocks off will cause them to drop a Legendary gun pretty commonly, too! Not a bad reward.

We’re still waiting for the Szechuan Sauce reference. Maybe a Pickle Rick? Nothing? Maybe we’ll have to wait until Borderlands 4.