Gearbox Software Looking Into Borderlands 3 Split-Screen Issues

Borderlands launched back in 2009 and since then we’ve seen plenty of installments to the franchise. However, it was only until this past week that we were given a proper third mainline installment to the game. If you have been playing the title on the PlayStation 4 then there is a good chance you’ve encountered a pesky bug that Gearbox Software is looking to fix. However, this bug only occurs if you play in split-screen with a friend. For those of you who haven’t played the game yet, here is what causes this bug. 

On Borderlands 3 split-screen, players will find that there is a bug that will cause a rather massive lag issue. This is done when players enter a large battle and decide to access their ECHOdevice. If you enter the menu and look through the skill trees, it seems to cause some rather horrible lag. This can be troublesome, but it’s not something that would completely prevent the players from enjoying the game without any issues.

The publishers behind the game, 2K, alerted to IGN that players on the PlayStation 4 platform should prepare ahead of time before going into any large battles. This is of course not a permanent fix but it’s at least something to take note of while the development team manages to optimize the game around this bug.

Fortunately, this particular bug is also a bit easier to cope with than what PC gamers have been dealing with. If you haven’t already heard, it turns out that the Epic Games Store cloud save feature actually deletes saves. This is something that cannot be recovered leaving players to replay potentially hours worth of the game. 

Source: IGN, PSU