Borderlands 3: The Droughts Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pandora. The Doughts is the first desolate location you’ll be able to fully explore in Borderlands 3, and it’s where you’ll be introduced to the new Crew Challenges feature.

These mini-quests have big rewards, but completing an area 100% is no easy feat. To make your Vault Hunting life easier, we’ve put together a text guide with accompanying map to show you all the locations for each collectible. We’re splitting the areas up by location, so you can easily find everything you need, one region at a time.

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The Droughts Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

For this guide, we’ll cover where to find Dead Claptraps, Typhon Logs, Typhon Dead Drops, and Legendary Hunt locations.

There are three Typhon Logs in each area, and there can be one or more Dead Claptraps or Legendary Hunts to find. Below, you’ll find a map with locations marked for every collectible type, and text instructions with more details to help you track them all down.

Typhon Logs are one of the most valuable collectibles. Finding all three will unlock the location of the Typhon Dead Drop. This cache is full of good loot, so it’s worth going to each location.

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  • Map Key:
    • Yellow = Dead Claptrap
    • Blue = Legendary Hunt
    • Purple = Typhon Dead Drop (Cache)
    • Red = Typhon Logs

Dead Claptrap #1: Located on the edge of the map, up on the high plateau bandit camp located up the hill from Ellie’s Garage in the south of the map. Climb up there, and you’ll find Claptrap on the edge.

Typhon Log #1: North of the first Dead Claptrap, this log is on a high rock in a Skag nest just off the road.

Typhon Log #2: On the high cliff, up the hill from the Bandit Camp near Raider’s Drydock. It’s on the ledge, to the left of the large ribcage.

Legendary Hunt: Just follow the path left as you exit Ellie’s Garage at the bottom of the map. Keep following the rocks and you’ll reach the monster’s lair.

Dead Claptrap #2: On a ruined car, right next to The Droughts – Highway fast travel marker.

Typhon Log #3: Found on the ledge in the Pit of Fools Bandit area, in the far north of the map.

Typhon Dead Drop: From The Droughts – Highway fast travel marker, travel up the road to the DAHL 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam. You’ll find the Typhon Dead Drop within.