Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Unlock The Void Armor | Rhom Puzzle Guide

The Void Armor is a set of Heavy gear that you might miss in Remnant: From The Ashes. Unlocking it requires solving a weird little puzzle on Rhom, stepping on pressure plates, and avoiding death while fighting waves of enemies. This is all about the Monolyth, again, so we’re revisiting the location and I’ll explain how to solve the puzzle completely.

The Void Armor is a special Heavy Armor set that gives you a damage buff every time you take damage. With all three pieces equipped, you’ll get a +12% damage buff for 13 seconds, and it can stack up to three times. That’s a whole lot of extra damage, so if you’re used to tanking and want to dish out more than you take, the Void Set might be the gear you’re looking for.

This set of armor is available after solving a puzzle on Rhom in the Monolyth. Scroll down for the complete puzzle solution.

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How To Unlock The Void Armor | Rhom Puzzle Guide

Like everything in Remnant: From The Ashes, this puzzle is randomized so it won’t be the same for everyone. There is no single solution, but I can explain how to solve it on your own — and it doesn’t require trial-and-error. There is a method to the Monolyth’s madness.

First, reach Rhom and explore until you locate a building called the Monolyth. Check the walls behind the building entrance and look for a series of 10 symbols — there are five different symbols marked in chalk. This is your solution for the puzzle. Take a screenshot. It will look something like this.

The first 9 symbols marked on the wall each match a direction. The 10th final symbol is the last spot you need to stand on. Enter the Monolyth and look on the stone in the center — remember the symbols? This stone will show you which direction each symbol is pointing.

Follow the directions and step on all 10 symbols. When the floor panels sink and you get all 10 panels correct, the trap will be disabled and the center stone will lower. Go down below and follow the path to a kiosk — the armor is available to purchase here for 500 (Helmet), 1250 (Armor), and 750 (Boots).

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